Jagaban should thread gently, luck may act again him

Jagaban should thread gently, luck may act again him




“When the Table Begins to Turn”


One would have expected that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will display, however little, his much touted political prowess and National leadership of the APC, after the looming massacre of his political ambition in 2023 by PMB.


It was very surprising to read Tinubu ‘s statement denying his obvious 2023 ambition out of fear of being rubbished.


Loyalty to one’s party is great, but when action being taken by some characters are inimical to your ambition and people you are claiming to stand for you must response in appropriate measures.

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Tinubu’s prompt acceptance of the amazingly blazing fire choked down his throat and his political show boy Mr. Adam Oshiomhole confirmed his level of cowardice and little mindedness. At least one would have expected that Jagaban would display what is called “Show of Force” in the security parlance. This cowardly act and more are the reasons Yoruba people will never support him in 2023 or whenever he choses to pursue his Presidential ambition.


His action displayed a General that should not be trusted or followed to war because he is lilly livered. As we journey towards 2023, Nigerians should expect more hide and seek from the likes of Adam Oshiomole, Tinubu and some of the APC Governors.


Any politician of worth, that is a student of political brutality and brinkmanship in the quest for power would have predicted that Tinubu’s political destruction will be around 2023 permutations reasons being that he lacks the sagacity of an Atiku’s lion hearted and iron cast political understanding.

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Asiwaju ought to know that his several humiliation and affront to President Buhari, a war veteran and a General calling himself a National Leader of the party portraying PMB as a political chaff will have a response that is not only Swift but acalyptic In dimension and ramification.


Jagaban should thread softly for he may not be as lucky as ATIKU who survived such Presidential assault for Jagaban’s yansh is smeared with feaces that PMB does not need to look deep to enable him draft the EFCC as the cleaning monsters to finish him politically and even economically.


Jagaban Ronu O!! Jagaban Think!!


Fabiyi Oladimeji.

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