Jamiu Issa: I deserve to see my Family, LASTMA officer pleads

Following the unfortunate death of Jamiu Issa, a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officer, Lawal Adebayo Joel have through poetry lamented what him and his colleagues go through in the hands of Lagosians.


The late Jamiu Issa was knocked down and ran over by a “traffic law offender.”around Lekki Axis. The official is said to have later died from his injuries.


“The driver of a green Toyota Sienna vehicle, with Reg. number, FST 901 AR, knocked down and run over a LASTMA official, Jamiu O. Issa, who was later confirmed dead, this early morning on the 19th of April, 2022,” a statement signed on Wednesday by LASTMA spokesperson Filade Olumide, said.


“The Late Issa was said to have approached and accosted the Sienna vehicle driver who was driving against the direction of flow of traffic (One-way) facing oncoming vehicles from Chevron towards the Conservation Toll Plaza.


Also confirming the accident, the general manager of LASTMA, Bolaji Oreagba, said Jamiu Issa was knocked down and run over by a motorist driving against the flow of traffic in the Lekki area of Lagos while trying to evade arrest.


Mr Oreagba, who disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday in Lagos, said the errant driver drove a green Toyota Sienna vehicle with registration number FST 901 AR.


Mr Issa had accosted the driver who drove against the flow of traffic, facing oncoming vehicles from the Chevron area towards the Conservation Toll Plaza.


“It was reported that Issa, the LASTMA patrol team leader in Ajah … was knocked down and ran over by the traffic law offender, who had pretended to be alighting from the vehicle,” said the LASTMA statement. “The driver changed his action and tried to escape by reversing the vehicle, knocking down Issa with the opened door while the front tyre ran over the officer.”


The action fatally injured Mr Issa.


Mr Issa was rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital, an over 30mins journey, where he was confirmed dead.


“Issa’s colleagues at the scene of the event quickly put a call through to the zonal head while some Good Samaritans and eyewitnesses pursued the escaping Sienna driver to the Chevron Waterfront area, where he was eventually apprehended and taken first to Ilasan Police Station,” added the statement.


The driver was eventually taken to Ajiwe Police Station, under which jurisdiction the event happened, for proper investigation.


“According to other eyewitnesses’ accounts, the driver also knocked down another person while he was trying to escape from the scene,” Mr Oreagba said.


In the lengthy poetry titled, ”LIFE NOT DEATH”, the LASTMA officer attached to Zone 42 (Imota) Ikorodu says, ”I deserve to see my family like you at the end of the Day”.

Jamiu Issa: I deserve to see my Family, LASTMA officer pleads
Jamiu Issa: I deserve to see my Family, LASTMA officer pleads

Read what Lawal Adebayo Joel wrote below;

”I’m only doing my job to make it easy for you

I’m only doing my job, so that your job will be secured for economic reasons


I’m on the road as early 6:00 am, making sure you’d have a more freer roads to your place of business

I will still be on the road till 10:00pm making sure you got home before i leave the road

Yes it’s my job to arrest errants motorist who are a risk to your children, and all that you stand for


It’s my difficult Job to stand on the road, day in day out , in the harshest of weather so you can have a smooth traveling on Lagos roads.


Don’t I have blood flowing in my veins like you?

Was I not a classmate with you in the University?

Didn’t I worship in the same religious centres as you?

Are my kids not in the same schools as your kids?

Do we not patronize the same markets for food and survival?


Why then would you chose to ram your vehicle over my feeble body?

Why you use chose to punch me in the face?

Why is that Death should be my rewards?


Do I not breathe the same oxygen as you?
Do I not feel pain if hit with stones?


Would I not smile, if your are lawful and obedient?
Would I arrest you if you fasten your seat belts?
Would I arrest you if you do not drive against the flow of traffic?


Why then, please pray tell me, why do you wish me death?

Why do you celebrate when i have been maimed, beaten, killed,?

Why do you rejoice in the lawlessness of unlawful people?


Would it killed you to be lawful?

Would it killed you to be sane on the roads?

Would it killed you to respect all lawful instructions?

Would it killed you to humane and just in your doings?


I know I am not perfect!
I know I am not a Saint
I know I can be Better
I know I am going to be better for Lagos


Are you willing to be a better citizen?
Are you willing to be a law abiding human
Are you willing to be lawful


I am your brother
I am your friend
I am your colleague
I am your neighbor
I am your father
I am your nephew
I am your cousin
I am your uncle
I am your son
I am YOU


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