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Jaydboy (Anjorin Jeye Joseph) signed by Oil Money Record

Jaydboy (Anjorin Jeye Joseph) signed by Oil Money Record
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In a bid to boost the Nigerian entertainment industry, an indigenous record company, Oil Money records, has signed Anjorin Jeye Joseph professionally known as Jaydboy, just as it disclosed plans to discover more talents in the country.


The company, while describing Jaydboy as a multi-talented artiste, said that he has great potential that puts him above several other artists in the country.

Jaydboy (Anjorin Jeye Joseph) signed by Oil Money Record
Jaydboy (Anjorin Jeye Joseph) signed by Oil Money Record

At a short signing ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of Oil Money records, Mr Ala Kari, stated that the company decided to bring the artiste to the music record family after discovering its skills.


Prince Fredoo Perry (the label PRO & Blogger) expressed confidence in the attitude, humility and passion shown so far by the new signee, saying, Jaydboy is a great songwriter, dancer and singer.



The Oil Money record PRO & Blogger state that signing of Jaydboy was an indication of plans the company has for the music industry particularly discovering talents that could further boost Nigeria entertainment sector.


He noted that the firm aim was to support and serve as a platform that would enable talented Nigerians to have a platform to achieve their dreams in the country.


“Oil Money Record exists to make known the artists who create. Our label manages the development of songs, production of music, manufacturing of merchandise, creative marketing and distribution of the products we create and Oil Money Record was established in 2020.

Jaydboy (Anjorin Jeye Joseph) signed by Oil Money Record

“Our desired goal is to operate with a high standard of excellence in business organization and effectively manage music licensing and copyright processes, song promotion, royalty collection, and key partnerships around the world”, Ala Kari added.



In an interview after joining the record firm, Jaydboy promised Nigerians that he had prepared several blockbusters that would be released gradually to inspire music lovers.


According to him, the new singles lined up by the company will be heating the air waves in a few weeks from now.


The artiste, however, commended Nigerian producers, record label owners and artiste for their relentless efforts in selling the country’s good image and brand globally.


He added: “It was more of a celebration than a signing that one will wonder what it is that these men have discovered” and Jaydboy was officially signed to Oil Money Records on 19/04/2021.

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