Johnny Drille: Accept me for who I am

Johnny Drille: Accept me for who I am

Mavin Records signee, Johnny Drille has urged fans to accept him for who he is.

He described himself as a principled man who lives by his rules.

According to the ‘Halleluyah’ singer, “My music, my simple lifestyle, my faith, my hairstyle, etc, I do all that because they’re what I want and I’m happy with my choices. ”

Continuing, the Edo born artiste says, “I also want you to know one principle that I’ve always lived by, and that is to do anything I want, the way I want.

Johnny Drille: Accept me for who I am

Drille speaking further says, “I’d also like for you all amazing fans to accept me for who I am. I don’t want to have to explain my lifestyle to anyone and if you still don’t get it I’ll still understand that,” he reiterated.

Jhonny Drille first got the attention of Mavin’s CEO Don Jazzy after he released a cover of Di’Ja ‘Awww’ in 2015.

“I also want you to live your life and be happy with it, don’t let anybody dictate to you how you should live because that way you may become unhappy. Live your life, by your rules. Live,” he added.

Meanwhile, for fun, Johnny Drille sometime ago posted on how serenity is not good enough, he admitted that sometimes you just need those noise.

It gets really quiet by myself and I like it sometimes but I’ve had to deal with even more loneliness since the pandemic hit (and JD traveled) and there’s been less and less to do ever since besides recording.

Went home a few weeks ago to see my family and it was a refreshing getaway. Last week my brother also came around for a few days, it was nice to have another person around, to just hear someone else make noise in the apartment (and he cooked some good food for me which means there was no burning of food but since he left I’ve been burning food back to back ). I’m still as introverted as I’ve always been. Music will be my companion in the meantime while I wait for future wife who is probably stuck in traffic.

Don’t know why I’m sharing this with you, I guess cos y’all are my virtual friends too 🤗.

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