June 12: My dear Learned One, Okakuro(Dr), Tedwinz.

Let me make it clear straight away to you that I am not a legal counsel, neither do I have any ambition to be one.

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As far as I am concerned, MKO Abiola was the legitimate Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces right  from about October 1st 1993 till he died.  That he wasn’t sworn in by a group of criminals who successfully stole his mandate….beginning with “you know who, the gap-toothed one”,  to the “interim nonsense” man, to the “terrorist goggled one” and ending with the “Ologomugomu” of Otta is neither here nor there.
They all should count themselves lucky that they were not all marched to the bar beach in Lagos and given the treatment that all the four of them richly deserved….simply because this is Nigeria and not Ghana.

A thief is a thief. No more, no less. And a stolen good remains a stolen good, however much the subterfuge and the legal acrobatics. Ask any IPO(investigating police officer) in the Nigeria Police Force and he/she will explain to you.

Law is made for man: man is not made for law.

As far as Abiola is concerned, shorn of all legal pretensions,  he qualified and qualifies under your famously quoted Nigerian Armed Forces Honors Act(Eligibility for Award of Medals), because he, at a time, but for political thieves and brigands, was the Commander-in- Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Did, I, hear you say “but he was never sworn in” ??.  Well I, say to you,  have you ever heard the saying… “to every rule, there is an exception” and another one that “equity follows the law” …….in all probability, to ensure the law does not misbehave ?????
This issue of June 12 is just beginning, though some people erroneously believe that because PMB has done what he has done on June 12, a closure is imminent.
How wrong can they be !!!! 
On this issue of June 12,  I am told that one born-street- trader who claims to practice journalism has called the whole of the YORUBA RACE “SOPHISTICATED MORONS”.
To him and the rest of his pedigree, I have this to say…. “Ojo mbo li Oluwa wi”.
To those who threatened/compelled and forced(assuming that is true)IBB to annul June 12, I will ask them to imbibe what they will find in the BIBLE….. Mathew 26:24, Mark 14:21&Luke 22:22.
For their impending punishment(from the hands of God, if not man), they should take a look at Luke 17:1&2 because they are largely responsible for all the economic and social agonies Nigeria and all Nigerians are going through today.

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1. June 12, 1993 presidential elections results WILL be declared officially by Prof Henry Nwosu
2. MKO Abiola WILL be declared the winner.
3. MKO Abiola WILL be sworn in as President of Nigeria for the period June 12, 1993 or October 1,1993 up until the date of his murder or death….. (if you like, once again,  tell me this is illegal. And I will answer you that in singular  instance I vote for equity and vote against the law.
You can consult “democrat” David Mark to lecture you on something called “doctrine of necessity”. You probably won’t find it in our laws or the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So much for your law,  Mr Lawyer !!
4. Immediately after his swearing-in ceremony,  MKO Abiola will be declared dead.
5. All other necessary protocols will need be observed, including a national reburial.
Short of the foregoing,  what PMB has just done on June 12, may soon prove as worthless as the June 12, 2018 Singaporean meeting between President Trump of USA and  Chaiman Kim Jong Un of North Korea……… a probale initial skirmish in a long and tortuous journey, the end of which nobody really can fortell.


As for the matter of “sophisticated morons” by that Vanguardarian, he and his ilks should prepare for WORLD WAR 4…… as world war 3 is likely to be fought by Trump and Kim. THE YORUBAS NEVER FORGET.  NO WONDER SOME PRONOUNCE THE NAME “YOO-BA” meaning when the stone is ultimately cast, it will not miss it’s target. IT WILL HIT THE TARGET…. DEAD ON.
PS.. above is a comment on a barrister’s response  to an opinion by Femi falana(san) on the matter of pist-humous conferment of GCFR on Abiola.
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