Kanye West sued for Copyright infringement

Kanye West just tied the knot, but he is about to be wrapped up in another legally binding situation.


The rapper is known for sampling many artists on his albums and Donda 2 followed in those same footsteps. But this time, the rapper is being accused by a company called Trax Records for not getting permission to sample one of their songs.

Kanye West Sued For Copyright Infringement
Kanye West sued for Copyright infringement

According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Blast, Ye sampled “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson on “Flowers”, a song that is reportedly about his estranged ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Trax Records is claiming that the “Move Your Body” is instantly recognizable as “The House Music Anthem.”


In the filing, the label says Ye did not get permission to sample the song on his album, and to make matters worse, they say the “unauthorized sample taken by West is repeated at least 22 times throughout “Flowers.


The record company alleges in the lawsuit that “West’s unauthorized use of “Move Your Body” constitutes an unambiguous infringement of the copyright in the musical Master Recording “Move Your Body,” and of course is a blatant exploitation of the work without permission and compensation. Manifesting the height of hypocrisy, West advocates for artists’ rights with one hand, yet has no shame in taking away rights from another artist with the other.”


Ye is being sued for profits and for damages under the maximum extent allowed in the amount of $150,000. Trax is also seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction that will keep Ye from directly or indirectly infringing in any manner any right in and to the Master Recording.

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Kanye is currently busy playing the husband role again, but this lawsuit might just snap him back to reality!

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