Kenneth Anozie, Ekwunife’s Consultant is another political propagandist

Kenneth Anozie, Ekwunife’s Consultant is another political propagandist


Kenneth Anozie that parades himself as a political consultant to Senator Uche Ekwunife is a double edged sword (Mma irunabor) and a political fraudster.


A political scammer called Kenneth Anozie popularly known as Dr Ken that is currently milking Sen. Uche Ekwunife pocket dry is a political fraudster.

I have never shied away from confessing my hatred for dishonorable men that lacks character and the said Dr Ken is among those that lack character.


Inconsistency made him to be deceiving people with the claim that he is a political consultant.


If you ask Dr Ken, if he is a member of APGA, PDP or APC, he will tell you that he is a political consultant as if being a political consultant has nothing to do with membership of political parties.

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I see him as a hungry politician that is always in pursuit of something to use and feed his insatiable stomach infrastructure appetite.


This Dr Ken claims to be among those that made Obiano Governor, but you will see him writing against the Governor and if you ask him why he is doing that, he will tell you that he need settlement meaning that he is among those that love using blackmail to get settlement.

I have seen Dr Ken work for APC candidates, APGA candidates and PDP candidates.

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Such a character is a shameless backstabber that cannot be trusted.


I read his reaction to my write up against Uche Ekwunife and I laughed at the way he painted the picture of somebody that knows me too well.


He referred to me as a newspaper vendor turned malicious blackmailer.


His write up showed that he is among the political idiots that claim to know me whereas they know nothing about me.

I have never been a newspaper vendor all my life but if you see any vendor in Awka and Onitsha, ask them about me and they will tell you that am there highest patron.


My love for reading newspaper dates back to 2004 and am not among free readers.


I buy up to 4 different newspapers on daily basis and my reason for doing that is to be abreast of events politically and otherwise.

Kenneth Anozie, Ekwunife's Consultant is another political propagandist
Kenneth Anozie, Ekwunife’s Consultant is another political propagandist

As a matter of fact, I delved into journalism since 2014 and have my own media company.


My reason for saying this is for the benefit of discerning minds.

The difference between me and the said Dr Ken is consistency and I can as well refer to myself as a patient dog that eats the fattest bone.


I follow people based on personal conviction and not because of what I will benefit from the person.


Dr Ken will always claim to be among those that made Obiano 1st and 2nd term election possible but impatience and inconsistency made him to be jumping from one party to the other and from one politician to the other in the guise of being a political consultant.


Anybody that is keeping Dr Ken as a political consultant should have it at the back of his or her mind that he or she is keeping Judas iscariot of Anambra State as a consultant and he will not wait for the Cock to crow 3 times to betray person.

Am not surprised that he is currently working as a political consultant to Sen Uche Ekwunife because from Uche Ekwunife’s track record character means nothing to her.


When I talk of Uche Ekwunife, am talking about a woman whose antecedents is well known to ndi Anambra and if any Anambra man or woman is sleeping and you tell the person that Uche Ekwunife is there Governor, the person will not waste time to shout God forbid bad thing.


Truth is a bitter pill to swallow for mischievous characters like Uche Ekwunife but she has no choice than to swallow that bitter pill.


Ndi Anambra are still of the opinion that Uche Ekwunife used her unholy relationship with Mbadinuju to rape our treasury mercilessly and they are finding it difficult to forget such evil act.



I did not mince words in saying that Uche Ekwunife becoming Anambra Governor is tantamount to a Camel passing through the eyes of a needle because the good people of Anambra State are aware of the fact that voting for Uche Ekwunife to be our Governor can be likened to committing political suicide.


The truth is that Uche Ekwunife is not contesting for Governor rather she is doing business in the guise of running for Governor.


Since 2010 to date, Uche Ekwunife prints posters for Governor and her reason for doing that is her political business interest.

Each time she print poster to contest for Governor, she gets monetary assistance to prosecute the election from people and as far as she is concerned, it is a good business for her.


I remember when she ran for Governor on the platform of PPA and when she lost the election, she told her campaign co-ordinators to return the Hiace bus she gave them for campaign and they threatened her with Court action.


Such act is a proof of somebody that is not serious to be Governor rather the person is doing political business in the name of running for governorship election.


We know what happened that made Uche Ekwunife to win the last 2019 general election and will talk about that very soon.


As for the forthcoming 2021 governorship election , Uche Ekwunife is a joker and not a serious contender.


The election I can tell you that Uche Ekwunife will contest is the 2023 general election but we will see how she will win that election to return to the Senate.

Everything she is doing currently in respect of the forthcoming 2021 governorship election is playing to the gallery hence the reason why inconsistent characters like Dr Ken is proudly parading himself as her political consultant.


Any person that is serious to run for election, need diehard loyalists and people he or she can actually refer to as followers and not consultants because a consultant can as well consult for your enemies.


Senator Uche Ekwunife and Dr Ken that claims to be her political consultant are shameless political jokers that will be disgraced by ndi Anambra in the forthcoming 2021 governorship election.


Chinedu Obigwe

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