Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi, Presidential aspirant interview on Nigeria info

Media entrepreneur, Mrs. Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi, has declared her intention to contest for president in 2023. She recently spoke on 99.3 Nigeria info on Saturday, 15th January, 2022.


Okunnu-Lamidi, Founder of Slice Media Solutions, made the declaration to be President of Nigeria in a press briefing in Lagos, during the week.


The 38-year-old media entrepreneur declared that she had become the arrowhead for the intervention of her generation’s interests across the nation for politics and good governance.


She said: “I seek to change the direction of our country because time and chance will happen to all of us and the time for action is today.

Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi, Presidential aspirant interview on Nigeria info

“We need a better class and a better crop of leaders that are selfless, disciplined, and bound with integrity, and above all, who love the country and are invested in her future.

“I am here to activate all people, the old, the poor, the rich; to unite around a common ideal on the basis of a consensus about a superior national development agenda.”

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According to Okunnu-Lamidi, her interests include 70 percent of youths who are often disenfranchised and have not taken their rightful place in choosing the government of Nigeria.


She expressed disappointment that Nigeria had missed important milestones in building the nation.


She said it was more pertinent that Nigerians must begin to think differently in the way things are done and the way they interact with each other.

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She said: “We are all guilty for surrendering to temporary powerlessness, we can and must start to think differently.


“We sing often about our heroes’ past. These are people who entered the governance of Nigeria by design or by chance at a very young age to take over from the colonial power that ruled Nigeria.


“This again is a generational inflection point for the nation.


“A nation desperate for leadership needs the young, the strong, those who have the vision, those who have ideas, those who have a united Nigerian identity and a belief in this country.

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“The people of Nigeria believe in Nigeria, they should not be led by leaders who don’t.


“We have to keep fighting for what we believe in, and above all, never lose hope. If you were waiting for a sign, this is it.”

Who is Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi (KOL)

Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi (KOL) is the founder and CEO of Slice Media Solutions. She created the social impact initiatives – Water Relief NG and Help Our Youths (HOY) – both designed to tackle the urgent challenges of lack of clean water and youth unemployment in Nigeria.


She is the daughter of Lateef Femi Okunnu (SAN), President of  Isale-Eko Descendants Union and an elder statesman. My mother Arinola Omololu, is a businesswoman of Ago-Owu pedigree.


Her grandfather Dr Omololu was a trained medical doctor and was one of the first medical doctors in Isale Eko during his lifetime. While her father, Lateef Olufemi Okunnu is a former Federal Commissioner of Works & Housing (1967-74) with record groundbreaking infrastructural developments and many more to his credit.

Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi, Presidential aspirant interview on Nigeria info

Mrs Khadijah is Adeshola Lamidi, a financial analyst & risk management professional. They are blessed with children.



Mrs. Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi was not the typical child.


She received my Primary education at both the University of Lagos Staff School & Childville School Yaba (1985 -1994). She then proceeded to the Atlantic-Hall School Maryland for my Secondary Education W.A.E.C (1994 – 2000).


At 16, during summer holidays, she began work in community influencing; introducing mentorship programming, tutoring and volunteering duty. Her first job was at The Motherless Babies Home Lekki. During this time at the orphanage, she was able to secure the purchase of a power generating set for use in the home and also engage the major offices of the Lagos state government in a bid to secure more attention and welfare resources for the home.

Through the years, she has been described by her teachers, colleagues and friends as observant, single-minded and always ready to serve. This has helped her expand my sphere of influence among my peers and attracted recognition from my superiors.


She gained admission into the University of Abuja to study Industrial Chemistry. The incessant closure of Nigerian Universities and the infamous ASUU strikes set the tone for her relocation to the United Arab Emirates where I changed and completed her undergraduate degree program in Business Management (Hons) at the University of Bolton RAK Campus.

This was a period of great significance in her life. The decision to switch to a business degree made a great impact in the trajectory of her pursuits as she  strongly believe that her degree in business administration is her most versatile academic credential.

In a bid to further study modelling in business and strategy, she enrolled at the prestigious Heriot-Watt University Dubai for a Master’s in Strategic Project Management (SPM).

After completing her academics, she moved back home for the mandatory 1YR National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). She served in the education sector, where she taught Physics and Chemistry in auxiliary capacities in one of the Lagos State Government Secondary Schools.


Her next job was at the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA), where I worked for four (4) years. My career at LASAA began as every freshman civil servant does; servitude right from beginner level to eventually rising in ranks.

Throughout her civil service years, she was most committed to project development, client engagement and ease of doing business index reform (EoDB). At the time of my resignation, she was Head, Client Services/Corporate Affairs.


My foray into Entrepreneurship began when I delved into the agency side of media marketing and advertising. I am glad to have made an indelible name for myself as a seasoned marketing professional and active social impact practitioner.


Mrs. Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi is also a proud member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) and was the first female to be featured on the cover of an Out of Home Magazine in Nigeria.

She was featured as one of the Top 50 Women in Marketing & Communication in Nigeria.

Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi, Presidential aspirant interview on Nigeria info

She is a lioness in brand consultancy across a diverse spectrum of industries, from start-ups to superstar brands, to niche businesses and non-profits.

She has these few projects in her name:

  • Water Relief
  • Help Our Youth (HOY)
  • To Better Nigeria
  • Project: Bridge the Gap
  • Nigerian Heart Foundation
  • GW Alzheimer’s Foundation


She is an advocate of gender balance and youth development – to aid in the creation of a viable, stable and prosperous nation. She is also the first youth presidential aspirant with a clear profile though many have argued her political trail.


Listen to her below, while speaking on 99.3 Nigeria info, Saturday morning.

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