KWAPOLY Students wants Election and not Caretakers.

Students of Kawara State Polytechnic (KWAPOLY) are calling on their management to allow them have an election and not impose on them “Caretakers”.


As frontier by Aluta Omituntun, the students are saying no to the present Directorate of Students Services (DSS), saying he has been hindering the success of their Student Union with his “unprincipaled calumny.”

KWAPOLY Aluta is saying the DSS has appointed some caretakers to keep acting on behalf of the the Union in order to better manage his “corrupt and fraudulent actions on the funds that is meant for STUDENTS UNION.”

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They are also calling on the Governor, AbdulRahmon AbdulRazaq to intervene.

Read their complaint below:



The entire kwara state polytechnic students say no to this present DSS. The DIRECTORATE OF STUDENTS SERVICES has been hindering the success of STUDENTS UNION ‘SU’ with his unprincipled calumny.


The flame of sadness has engulfed the minds of all Kwara State Polytechnic Students because some caretakers have been appointed by the DSS to keep acting on behalf of the the Union in KWARAPOLY because of his selfish, corrupt and fraudulent actions on the funds that is meant for STUDENTS UNION not to be disbursed.

DSS had a written agreement with the previous Student Union to conduct election not to appoint caretakers! We strongly oppose his ‘DSS’ devilish behavior. Election 🗳 must be conducted this November before NIPOGA ✊.


The entire Kwarapoly students want immediate intervention of Kwara government within 12hours against the caretakers in our school.

DSS hegemony on Unionism in Kwara State polytechnic will remain unabated if he successfully get those caretakers appointed/installed.

Enough is enough! We need His excellency Gov. AbdulRahmon AbdulRazaq (AA) intervention in our school. This is injustice in our school! All Kwara state polytechnic Students say no to caretakers and the devilish, Mephistophelean, roguish DSS.


#Election must be conducted before the end of November ✊
#We’Kwara State Polytechnic’ are ready to for our right! ✊
#We shall protest and entertain no fear against Soldiers..✊
# Say no to Caretakers & Unprincipled DSS ✊


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