Those writing all the long epistles about Abba Kyari now claiming fraternity that spans decades and how good or innocent he may be on some of the controversial scandals involving him, why didn’t you write in his defense when he was alive? Some religious teachings if not most forbids one from speaking evil about the dead, but most certainly religion do not advised you keep a sealed lips in defense of a supposed innocent.


Femi Fani Kayode, Simon Kolawole and Onyeama (Minister foreign Affairs), I can excuse the latter as a member of the Federal Executive council (for obvious reasons that flies will always supports human excretion) but the others, (FFK and Kolawole two prominent names within the media circles) Where do you get this unwritten agreement that you only write good about a person when dead?


What about writing those good things when that person is alive especially when such a person is fingered in so many controversies that runs conversely to who you think your ‘Friend’ Abba Kyari was?

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I’ve always held on to this statement about friendship “What are friends for if not for some inconveniences”. Believe me I don’t need such kinds as friends who claimed to know me and very well; can predict my conduct as intelligent, Innocent, caring and above all convinced about my decisions whenever I made any, yet can’t collect a bullet on my behalf whenever my name pops up in a controversy that paints me short of their assessments. The sad part of their actions is the have the resources, time and energy for a sustained media advocacy on other issues, yet found my defense unworthy until I was dead.


Mr. Kyari is gone and may God rest his soul, but those with this line of thoughts are doing the deceased no good with their belated eulogies, no matter how crafty or gifted they are with the prose. Your unsolicited epistles at this time zone would have been more portent and capable of painting a better portrait or supply a balance in the minds of most who for want of your defense at the appropriate time, were left with a picture of a monster out of Abba Kyari.


Ambrose Bernard Gowong

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