LADOKE University SUG makes demands




Saturday, 3rd December 2022.




1. Earlier today, the students troop out in their numbers to show their grievances through peaceful demonstrations on the injustice act of the University and to call the University to order as the students’ lives and properties and host community are no longer safe.


2. It is pertinent for us to let the students and general populace knows that a wanted cultist who has been going around to cause mayhem and security threat was apprehended in the examination hall yesterday by the Students’ Union alongside the University securities. Upon search, he was found to be armed with a dagger and axe proving him to be guilty of the offense at the instance.

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3. To avoid taking the law into our hands, The Students’ Union took him to the University Security Post for the University Management to take holistic and lawful action on it.


4. However, It was so unfortunate that in less than two hours of arrest, the culprit was released by the University without a point of contact with the Students’ Union or any external security operatives. We consider such action as injustice and the nonchalant attitude of the University towards the lives and properties of the students and host community.


5. Recall that, in the last few days, students and the host community have been faced with a series of extortions, robberies, and many dreadful acts often perpetrated by these groups of cultists. Just this last Thursday, the SUG President was heavily attacked at Under G, and the PRO of NAUS CMC car was seriously damaged. And yesterday, after the immediate release of the culprit, a student room was invaded leaving a mark showing they were the ones that perpetrated the act.

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6. Such attacks have left serious physiological and psychological damage not only on the individuals affected but also on the entire students and host community.


7. Hence, our demands are:

(i) That the University Management should ensure that justice is served with immediate effect such that the culprit arrested but released unlawfully is rearrested to serve as a deterrent to others and be reported to the Students’ Union. Justice is indeed the denominator of the quality of peace and peaceful co-existence in any community.


(ii) The damages inflicted on the lives and properties of the students should be well catered for.


(iii) The University Management should look critically into the way and manner the culprit was released from the University Security post and give us an explicit report to prevent such occurrence again.


(iv) The culprit and every other student associated with him should be listed and be mandated to write an undertaking that no student will be attacked in the future time by him or any of his associates and copies should be forwarded to external security operatives.


(v) The (i-iv) must be attended to within the next 48 hours. Failure to do so will lead to the students continuing with their peaceful demonstration at all the University gates.


7. We want to assure all students that the Students’ Union will not tolerate cultism’s existence around our campus as they are considered a threat to the lives and properties of students and the host community. We appeal to all students to join hands with us in fighting this good cause and report anyone you know to the SUG.


We Say No To Injustice

We Say No To Cultism

Intimidation We Condone Not



ADEBOYE, Anuoluwa

PC: Anuoluwa




OPALEKE, Okiki Ibrahim

PC: Famousbee

General Secretary


MICHAEL, Love Gabriel

PC: Young General

Public Relations Officer


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