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Lagos government to phase out yellow commercial buses (Danfo)

Lagos government to phase out yellow commercial buses (Danfo)

Lagos Government has announced plan to phase out yellow buses popularly known as Danfo in accordance with its transportation masterplan of the state.

The state Commissioner for Transportation, Frederic Oladeinde, disclosed this when he spoke at a virtual forum on Thursday, February 4.

Oladeinde said that the buses would be replaced by blue buses.

Lagos government to phase out yellow commercial buses (Danfo)
Lagos government to phase out yellow commercial buses (Danfo)

“We are reforming the bus sector and over time, Lagos will phase out the yellow buses because the yellow buses are not conducive for a mega city like Lagos. That is why we are coming with blue buses you see around.

We are inviting the private sector to participate in the provision of public transport services. We are also deploying technology just to ensure that we can up our game in terms of efficiency,” Oladeinde says

Oladeinde also disclosed that the state government will be providing hectares of land in Iganmu and Ogun as transit truck parks to help in resolving the protracted Apapa gridlock.

“Lagos State in collaboration with the Nigerian Ports Authority invited a concessionaire and that concessionaire developed an Eto app that will be deployed February 27.

Recall in February, 2017, the Akinwounmi Ambode led administration started the race to banish the buses by the end of that year because they are “not acceptable and befitting for a megacity”.

The governor’s goal was to replace the buses — as well as motorcycle taxis and three-wheeled motorised rickshaws — with a modern public transportation system.

“When I wake up in the morning and see all these yellow buses and see okada (motorbike) and all kinds of tricycles and then we claim we are a megacity, that is not true and we must acknowledge that that is a faulty connectivity that we are running,” he said.

“We want to banish yellow buses this year,” he said in a speech, according to a state government news release.

“We must address the issue of connectivity that makes people to move around with ease and that is where we are going.”

Lagos State has committed 31 hectares of land in Iganmu called the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Truck Park to complement what is at Lilypond and we are talking to the Ogun State Government to secure a land in Ogere.” he said.

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