Lagos Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, accused of Sexual Abuse of Staff and Theft

At last, the reckless and irresponsible appetite of the Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, Honorable Mudashiru Obasa for fleecing state fund and engaging in illicit sexual relationships leading to the destruction of the matrimony of junior staff of the State’s Assembly who are made to buckle under the pressure of his sexual demands, have become exposed.

The greed of the Speaker for brazen cornering of state funds and insatiable sexual escapade at the expense of vulnerable junior officers became impossible to manage for the party and like a Frankenstein monster has popped out of its bottle.


As this paper goes to the press, the Lagos Speaker is sponsoring a protest against the former Governor of the state, Akinwunmi Ambode as a decoy to divert attention from the emerging scandal and to impress upon party leaders that he is doing their bidding and working in the party’s interest.

Obasa’s resort to this anti-Ambode rhetoric was the same tactic he used at the height of the former Governor’s travail in seeking a second term. While Obasa pretended to engage in a pro-party feud against the former Governor, he was helping himself to extract and extort personal gains which included the purchase of a bullet proof car for him which retail price was less than N100 Million (One Hundred Million Naira) but was receipted for N300 Million Naira (Three Hundred Million Naira) – inflated by a whopping 200%. Another case at the heart of a discord between him and his colleagues was the unilateral purchase of vehicles for members of the Assembly which he made without recourse to due process and with the purchase hugely inflated.

Evidences abound as to the litany of fictitious companies used by Obasa as fronts for cornering public contracts and as conduit pipes to siphon the Assembly’s funds. The most notorious of these companies is De-Kingrun Multipurpose Nigeria Limited with CAC Registration Number RC: 748741 with his six children as shareholders, with No. 27, African Church Street, Ifako, Agege, Lagos as its operational address.


His partner in crime in all these has been the Clerk of the House, Mr. Azeez Sanni Adebowale who has become a pliant tool in the hand of the Speaker for all shades of dirty deals.

As if bent on bringing the reputation of the institution over which he presides as Speaker into disrepute, Obasa threw caution to the winds in his lust after married women in the establishment of the state Assembly.


This unconscionable appetite for anything in skirt has not only led to the ruination of the homes of some of the women concerned and put his own home in disarray, it has also led to the corruption and distortion of operational procedures at the state Assembly, leading thereby to inefficiency, insubordination as well as the creation of an extra-legal hierarchy in the system which privileges some of his concubines.

While he was reputed to have turned his first wife into a punching bag, he impregnated a neighbor’s daughter who later became his second wife under questionable circumstances. However, his insatiable lust would lead him to drive away the two wives only to take in a lady who won a beauty pageant in his local government as yet another wife. This new lady by name Nike Ajibose now sits at the heart of administration in the state Assembly as a de-facto player – Madam Speaker, as she is popularly called by everyone out of fear.

As if that was not enough, he started a dating affair with another lady whose sexual relationship with him got to the husband’s hearing and who has since sent her packing. The lady as we speak has been added to his retinue of concubines.


It is disheartening for someone who occupies the exalted position of a highly cosmopolitan state as Lagos to indulge in scandals that can make a day old child grow grey hair.

This is calling on the party leadership to begin a probe of Obasa’s activities in the state Assembly to save the reputation of the institution and the party, before public affection for the party is eroded. His conducts have been revealed to be diametrically opposed to the frugal, modest and morally conscious outlook of the APC as a party and the reputation of the person of the President as a model. There is still more revelations coming. This is only a tip of the iceberg.


David Adedayo A.

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