Leaked: APC worried over the rising popularity of Obidient Movement

At a recent APC secret meeting, some big wigs of the party and Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s men, came to a conclusion that Peter Obi and the Obidient movement has taken over the social media space in Nigeria, & now controls the 2023 election narrative.

A grave mistake they admitted to have made from the unset, and they now regret. They underrated Peter Obi, & the Obidient movement when it all started, few months ago.


Now all efforts at trying to slow down the group, infiltrate or discredit the movement has proved abortive. They tried to financially induce some of the major players of the Obidient movement, both online & offline, it didn’t work. They tried to discredit the LP presidential candidate, & some major social media influencers, crusading his campaign with propaganda & fake news, no way.


The likes of David Hundeyin has given them sleepless night. As he kept exposing them, bursting their lies, & unmasking their fake news blogs.

In all, the most troubling, is the continuous one million man march, being successfully organised, with Obidients turning out in numbers. They are worried over the rising popularity of the Obidient movement, both online & offline. Especially the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.


As he continuously draws the international community’s attention, to his direction. which may hinder their rigging plans.


It was unanimously agreed that financial inducements (vote buying) will not work, come 2023. As a huge chunk of the 70% of Nigeria’s voting population who are mostly youths, are not ready to sell their votes come 2023, based on the new orientation of the Obidient movement.


They are also afraid that the use of violence/Thuggery, may backfire. As the Obidient movement has it’s own numbers, that can resist any form of thuggery or violence, sighting examples from the number of turnouts, of their rallies. That could lead to post election national crisis, since vote buying will not work, financial inducement of key Obidient crusaders didn’t work, propaganda didn’t work, fake news didn’t work.



The plan, is to use prominent persons in the society, via electronic, print and social media, to henceforth intensify false accusations of the Obidient movement links with IPOB, and Peter Obi as an IPOB member/ sponsor. They will keep pushing it, until the govt comes in.

Meanwhile, while that is on, they will threaten the lives of Key Obidient figures on social media, who are known, who reside in Nigeria, work or do business in Nigeria. They will go after their family members, threaten them until they backoff from the movement. Threats in all ramifications, including sudden disappearance of key Obidient figures/arrow heads. Their businesses will be threatened, their jobs will be threatened.


That a list is being compiled, after which actions will commence.

They are hoping to use security agents as well. DSS & the police will go after key Obidient movement figures, linking them with ties to IPOB, on trump up charges, without proof.

Many will be arrested, on terrorism grounds, even without evidence.

Once the information goes round, other key figures will backoff or go into hiding.

They will use EFCC, to go after fund raisers and donors, to the Obidient movement, in the guise of going after terror financing.

A lot of persons will be arrested by the anti graft agency, based on links with IPOB, on terror financing charges.
They want to model, the #EndSARS pattern, by using security agents to silence a legitimate movement of mostly youths, clamoring to take back their country.


According to the source of this info, they called it, WINNING 2023 ELECTION, BEFORE THE ELECTION.


Olori Mojisola Onashile-Peal

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