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Lessons from Ondo 2020 for Osun 2022

Lessons from Ondo 2020 for Osun 2022

The Ondo State Monarchs were under no restrictions to align with and support the choices of Candidates. Some Kabiesis even campaigned openly and showed their biasses for the tendencies they prefer. The Obas are fully involved in the process by the report we have. And that was not the first time such will be happening. I remember that Also Akala could not make his return bid as a Governor largely due to his problem with a certain Imperial Majesty.

The import of this is that come 2022, our Royal Fathers in Osun State should have no fear to support what they may consider well for their interest and the interest of their subjects.

As witnessed in the just concluded Ondo State election that the third force was a fluke as the ZLP just participated to waste votes, there might not be any worthwhile third force in Osun State too during the 2022 election. That is more believable when we recall how the SDP wasted votes in 2018 and went to join the ruling party mid way into the election to save faces.

It is apparent therefore that the two options opened to the electorates in Osun State are the PDP and APC. There is no alternative and there shall be no third force. The struggle continues as we trudge on.

Ultimately, the power of the people will prevail. May God safeguard and spare us beyond 2022.

Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS

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