Let No Sex Put Asunder

There is something Satan is doing unknowingly to many. He makes sure that single find it difficult to abstain from premarital sex; then in marriage, he makes sure couples lose interest in sex with their spouses to create room for adultery.


God is interested in our sex life; hence he gave principles on how to go about it. Sex is a crucial aspect of marriage. It is something that both couples shouldn’t joke with. But it is unfortunate that many couples neglect it as if it doesn’t matter.


Here are some of the ways to handle sex matters:


1. Never punish your spouse with sex by denying them.


2. Discuss politely how you feel about sex with your partner.


3. If you were sexually molested before, please seek counseling.

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4. Having sexual issues? Seek a gynecologist or sex therapist.


5. Fasting? Agree with your spouse on how to go about sex within this period.


6. You don’t enjoy sex anymore? Be open to your spouse, so you can seek solution together.

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7. Having a boring sex life? Discuss with your partner so that both of you can revive your sex life together either through godly books, teaching on sex or through counseling.


8. Tired of same sex style? Introduce a new style and discuss with your partner for agreement.


9. Avoiding sex because it is painful? Get lubricant and enough foreplay.


10. Not attracted to your partner’s looks? Get your spouse what will turn you on.


Sex in marriage should not be toyed with, have a good open communication on sex with your spouse to enjoy your sexual life.

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