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Let’s Critically Dissect DSS Raid on Igboho

Hidden Secrets Behind Sunday Igboho's Attack 

As a Patriotic Nigerian I am Dumbfounded at many Nigerians Inability to consider the DSS Raid Dispassionately without Bias, Govt Opponents & Critics always Concluding without thinking.


As a Govt Supporter I must admit that I may be Guilty of this sometimes as I assumed that the Raid may have been staged by Igboho but I was always Open to the Possibility that it was a Govt Raid.

Let's Critically Dissect DSS Raid on Igboho

In looking at the Raid its important to give praise where due and Constructive Criticism to ensure Govt Processes Improve.



–  I consider the Raid on Igboho a Justified Raid if it is Correct that DSS had Vital Information that Igboho had Constituted his Abode into an Armoury. All Feckless Nigerians Claiming to Disparrage PMB’s Govt because of its Inability to Secure Nigeria should Egually back Govt in this Regard, but Alas the Opposite is the case, proving their Concerns about Nigeria’s Insecurity is Tainted & Hollow. All forms of Criminality must be Collectively Rejected.



–  I Insist that PMB’s Entire Media Teams within the Presidency, Min of Info and the Security Agencies have proven Consistently not Fit for Purpose and it is High time many Notable Characters amongst them are Replaced Reasons

• Clear Failures to Manage the Media space and Set the Agenda

• Consistent Failure to Present Govts Case Openly and Transparently to gain the Support of Nigerians

• Failure to Make One9ja a United & Fair Nigeria the Mantra of Govt.

It is Disconcerting that Rumour, Igboho’s Propoganda, Govt Opponents & Spim is allowed to take Prominence to Cloud the Media Narrative.

Govt has Consistently played Catchup when it comes to Media Management. It’s time for Efficient, Capable Youthful Persons to take Charge of Govts Media both Social Media & Main Media.


  • DSS Report though Welcome was Shallow on Detail. Without Compromising Sources the DSS Report should Confirm that following its Tip off it Obtained a Court Search Warrant for the Raid & Arrest of Igboho. This Detail must be Confirmed & Verified ASAP as it will show that Due Process & the Rule of Law was Followed, though this is still unlikely to Assuage Diehard PMB & APC Haters


–  Our Security Forces need to Up their Game. When Conducting such Raids by including Special Media Teams to Accompany Officers along with Body Cams so that Video Evidence can be Divulged to Nigerians in an effort to seek to minimise Conspiracy Theories & Assure us the Weapons found at Igboho’s Residence were not Planted.



–  If Igboho was at the Premises during the Raid as he Claims I Consider this to Ultimately be a Mismanaged & Bungled Raid.

With the Resources at Govts Disposal it should have Been able with Covert Surveillance to Surround the Premises including Adjoining, Surrounding & Neighboring Properties


–  The Crime Scene Management was Inadequate. Why were Occupants allowed to enter a Crime Scene within hours of an Event to Film and produce Propaganda to Set the Media Agenda.

In Serious Countries Major Crime Scenes of this Magnitude are Cordoned off for days and Protected from Contamination with Crime Scene & Forensic Officers Conducting Thorough Investigations looking for more Evidence which may have Initially been Overlooked.

When are our Security Forces and most importantly our Police going to be Fit for Purpose. Whoever Mismanaged this must be Reprimanded and new Protocols for Media & Crime Scene Management Devised.


–  Govt must now Aggressively go on the Offensive to Apprehended all Covertly Armed Separatist Agitators & their Financers to Save Nigeria from being Engulfed into more Anarchy.



Govt should continue to inform Nigerians that Peaceful Agitations are always Valid but Violent Agitators Masquerading as Peaceful Freedom Fighters, all Criminals be they Boko Haram, ISWAP Insurgents, Bandits, Kidnappers AK47 Wielding Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen or Cultists will be Exposed, Pursued & Apprehended Relentlessly, Whoever & Wherever they are in the Nations National Security Interests.


We must all be aware that it’s Easy to Destroy but it takes more Time Patience, Effort & Intelligence to Build a Nation. Its time to Unite to Build our Nation. Govt needs to do its bit in this Regard.


Femi Oke

Hey! If you are reading this, then you must have read what I published above. Whether you like it or not, is you feeling at the moment. Don't pass it at me. Jo! ma kora momi. A mo, you are free to express yourself by using the comment section below.