Letter to Dr. Tunji ABAYOMI – Facebook Statement

Letter to Dr. Tunji ABAYOMI on his Facebook Statement


Dear Tunji Abayomi,

Accept my warm greetings for the failures you have been making in your Political career. I do hope you are fine!

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My attention has been drawn to a statement written by you on your page @at https://www.facebook.com/dr.tunjiabayomi, which was aimed at showing your reasoning faculty. But, it’s so sadden that every bit of your words are baseless. Only a man with wicked and devil- driven heart would write such.

Lack of knowledge will kill PDP. If PDP says it will reduce school fees it should tell us in which institutions and by how much. Ondo State has 3 Universities and 1 Polytechnic with different chargeable fees. How can a Party that doesn’t even know how much it costs to run any school tell us in general terms that it will reduce fees?. Did we not take over government from PDP when these same schools were closed down for 6 months for lack of subvention and staff salaries? What was the State of for example OSUSTEC? This Party called PDP just likes to tell us story sha.

–  DR Tunji Abayomi


The truth is, you have done enough bad than good. More or less, you were part of those people who moved for the increment of AAUA and other varsities tutition fees. Most time, I do wonder if you are a father, because you sound heartless.

Besides, if you can’t offer a reasonable solution, why not keep mute. Your statement reads in part “… If PDP says it will reduce school fees it should tell us in which institutions and by how much”.

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Letter to Dr. Tunji ABAYOMI - Facebook Statement
Dr. Tunji ABAYOMI – Facebook Statement

Why are you eager to know how the reduction would be done.


In case you don’t know Sir, let me tell you and my fellow Students that Jegede’s Statement is quite different from what Rotimi Akeredolu Aketi said during his own time.

Aketi promised he won’t #Increase tuition Fees. While Jegede is saying “He will #Reduce tuition fees”. Despite Aketi’s promise, he broke it by increasing the tuition fees.

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Looking at Jegede’s statement of #Reduction, this brings hope of no increment as your Aketi is still planning to do. I can tell you categorically that jegede’s statement is valid. Hence, I’m hopeful we would have a reduction in our tuition fees rather than increment.


Mr. Tunji Abayomi, it’s high time you stopped this your heartless speech and accept the lord/Allah into you live before it’s too late.


Nigerian students are watching you. Sooner than later, you will regret your action. By then, you will tell it to yourself that: “Truly, it is better to do good than bad” I pray you won’t learn this in heaven.

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Stay Safe Sir.



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