Letter To IEP Global Terrorism Index (GTI)

Open letter To Institute for Economic and peace (IEP) Global Terrorism Index (GTI)

This is to draw your attention on the errors found in your 100 pages documents report of 2022.

Your organization institute for Economic and peace (IEP) also known as Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is an organization known for its transparency since your nine years of existence . Therefore I’m among the over one billions citizens around the world populace that revere your reports in the last eight years hence I found it necessary to express my dissatisfaction on the enormous errors found out in your 2022 reports.


After my careful study of your one hundred pages report of 2022 I became suspicious of the entire report when I came across your number 6th country of terrorists most impacted nation which Nigeria was placed in a distance 6th position.


It is worthy to note that if your agents/researcher assigned to study and analyze terrorists attacks of 2022 in Nigeria did their job independently without any iota of government interference or lobbying to release a pro government report then your organization that the global communities hold extremely high in terms of transparency and moral reputation wouldn’t has dare to release such disgraceful report that is full of enormous errors or biasness.


In my little and careful analysis of your 100 page report of 2022 I found no bases that a peaceful movement of global repute like Indigenous of Biafra (IPOB) that has its presence with physical offices registered all over the world conducting themselves under best international principles as a freedom fighting movement with a clear demand for a separate independent nation of Biafra from Nigeria terrorists controlled country via a process of democratic num called referendum without any records of violence attached to the movement locally and internationally as no court of law has convicted any of its members for any crime known to law both in Nigeria and otherwise, despite government sponsored media blackmail to dent the organization’s hard earned good reputation and records locally internationally even when the members of the movement has become the victim of most oppressed group of people in Nigeria as they suffer all manners of ill treatment blackmail, illegal arrest /dentation extra judicial killings forceful disappearance and extra ordinary rendition to be mentioned in your 2022 reports to the satisfaction of those that do not like the movement quest for freedom.

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It is worthy to note that Nigeria is a country that its history started under colonial rule as a British Creation through forceful Almagamation of North and south by Britain in 1914 . Therefore Biafra under the umbrella of IPOB freedom movements has every right to make a legitimate demand for self determination without any restrictions. Because self determination is a universal law.


Though there is a logical argument that despite the mention of indigenous people of Biafra in your 2022 reports there is no evidence of proof that your report has endorsed a terrorists tag on IPOB.

But the facts remains that the mention of IPOB in your 2022 report is a pro government report and there are wide believe that your organization GTI or its agents has cash in millions of dollars if not billions to betray your good reputation that your organization has earned over the years and succumb to the corrupt government money enticement to do their bidding in order to justify their illegal terrorists tag on the freedom movements of IPOB and to legitimately suppress Biafrans quest for freedom which is already in a world discuss.

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This particular argument are made more convincing when your organization GTI placed Nigeria to a distance 6th position as a world terrorists most impacted nation without a detailed reports of terrorists attacks against indigenous people in Nigeria of which 90% of both state and none state actors attacks in Nigeria are being aided and abetted by the state actors the federal government of Nigeria and her state governments for their political gains .

One of the example is unknown gunmen in South East of Nigeria also known as Biafra land . Unknown gunmen activities are well oiled and sponsored by Nigeria government and south east politicians that disagree with IPOB quest for a total separate Nation of independent of Biafra from Nigeria. Their intentions are simple which is to sell false impression to global communities that IPOB are violent group and scare away people of goodwill that might be interested to be on the side of IPOB as a movement and support our quest freedom.

Hence many stage managed attacks of the so called Unknown gunmen are falsely media hyped under the umbrella of Biafra group to give an impression that IPOB is behind such terrorists and devilish attacks against the innocent citizens but that is very far from the Truth.


Nigeria a west Africa country in which the core handlers the government in the center are populated with none indigenous tribes known as the pastoric Fulanis that are known for their religious extremism and enthnic cleansing. That has over the years used their domineering governmental power to subdue all other ethnicities in Nigeria to silence, while their political elites sponsors Islamic religious extremists known as Boko Haram, ISWAP and ethnic cleansing terrorists also knowns as Fulani herdsmen with intention for land grabs from indigenous owners unchallenged that has continue to escalate crises and insecurities across Nigeria of which a catalog of documented Fulani herdsmen attacks in the year 2022 from independent reporters well visible with availability of thousands if not millions of victims of Fulani herdsmen attacks across Nigeria are ever ready to testify as villages and towns including groups and organization such as Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has organized protests after protests in the year 2022 against Fulani herdsmen invasion of villages, farms , churches, schools etc. Are very surprise and highly disappointed that an organization of international reputes like yours the global terrorists Index GTI released your 2022 reports without any mention of Miyetti Allah also known as Fulani herdsmen a world fourth most deadliest terrorists org that operates in Nigeria with impunity that has the current Nigeria president Mohammedu Buhari as their patron.

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One can convincingly agree that by virtue of ignoring Fulani herdsmen in your report and to be quick in highlighting the name of sportless IPOB in the list of your terrorists Index is not just errors in your reports but a deliberate bias report to cash in from the corrupt government of Nigeria that are known for its sponsor of terrorists.


Kindly for the sake of millions of global communities that believe in your annual work analysis address the highlighted points raised in this open letter for your reputation’s sake


Anyi Kings is a freedom activist and an IPOB family member.

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