Libya returnee: I don’t want to see my mother

A Libya returnee, Miss Tosin Omole, has narrated how she left her three months old son in her mother’s care and headed for Europe, only to find herself in prostitution business in Libya.


The 29-year-old, who was among the 128 stranded Nigerians returned from Libya, said a lady that lives in same street as her family deceived her mother into convincing her to embark on the journey.


By the time she was returning home, she had paid N2.2 million to two traffickers in six years with proceeds from prostitution, leaving her with N200,000 hidden in her luggage.

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The returnees arrived the Cargo Wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, at about 6.32p.m on Tuesday, aboard Al Buraq Air Boeing 100-800 with registration number 5A-DMG.

Their return was facilitated by International Organisation for Migration, IOM.


The returnees were 80 adults male, eight male children, two male infants, 30 adult females, four female children and four female infants.

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Narrating her six-year experience in Europe, Tosin, who travelled since February 2016, said she was misled by her mother to embark on the fruitless journey.


In an emotional voice, she said her mother was approached by a lady in same street as her family, who sweet-talked her mother into convince her (Tosin) to embark on the journey so she could take care of her mother.


“I had to obey my mother and embark on the journey, when the pressure became unbearable.

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“I left my three months old son behind in my mum’s care and have not seen him since. He should be six years old now.


“My trafficker paid for the journey from Nigeria to Libya, which started on February 26, 2016.

“Before leaving Nigeria, my trafficker had informed me that I would refund the money spent on me for the journey, although she did not tell me the actual amount.

I don’t want to see my mother - Libya returnee
I don’t want to see my mother – Libya returnee

“I ended up paying her N2.2 million equivalent by engaging in ‘aristo’ (prostitution) throughout my six years sojourn,” said the returnee.


When she completed the payment, Tosin’s trafficker transferred her to another trafficker for another round of the prostitution business, “who I paid N1 million, being new proceeds from prostitution.”


“Coming to Nigeria now with only N200,000 that I hid, I don’t want to see my mother and son till I have enough money on me,” and started crying.

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