Lisa and Master Mark by St Francis

Lisa and Master Mark by St Francis

Lisa and Master Mark by St Francis
True Story, Ass to mouth.

A recollection of a BDSM evening
Lisa and Master Mark


We arrived at Mark’s house, which was situated in a tiny and secluded Surrey village at about 8 ‘o’clock that Saturday night. We knocked on the door Lisa was looking very apprehensive; he opened the door to us almost immediately. He was according to his letter, a retired Army Major. Aged 57, but didn’t look a day over 50, he was tall, about 6ft 2”, looked thin and wiry, as sharp as a rapier.

Mark showed us into his lounge and poured us both a drink. He asked Lisa if she was still willing to go on, with everything he’d put in his last letter, knowing that she had read it. Her reply was bared audible, l quickly said “yes, there was no prob¬lem” that Lisa was prepared to do exactly what he wanted of her, She nodded her head in agreement “and those few special tricks we talked about the other night, Lisa doesn’t know of them, but you can use them if everything else goes to plan”. We had agreed a special password which was to be said if a halt was to be called to the proceedings.


That settled, the three of us moved into Mark’s special room. He ordered Lisa to remove her dress, as l sat down. With¬out hesitation Lisa quickly unzipped the dress and stepped out of it and placed it on the chair he indicated to. She was now clad in only her white lacy suspender belt, holding up her black seamed stocking, and her dainty leather 6” high stiletto heels. He inspected her body, looking her all over, in his hand was now an Officer’s baton, and he ran the cold black wood over first one boob, then the other, and placing it on the underside of each breast, lifted her large orb, feeling the weight of her magnifi¬cent breasts.

Satisfied he suddenly clamped his mouth over hers and kissed her fully on her lush red lips. Whatever she felt or thought about this, Lisa didn’t resist at all, her mouth opened welcom¬ing in his probing tongue to her sweet mouth, and then thrusting hers into his. Possibly for my benefit, he made sure that I saw how my wife was responding eagerly to his kiss, by softening their contact so that I could see her tongue and his entwined and her tongue probing his mouth. Dropping his stick, he cupped one hand on her arrested, the other onto her right breast. With finger and thumb, he took hold of her pink nipple, pinching it hard; l saw her body momentarily stiffen, her hands, which had remained by her side, clenched briefly. Mark broke the kiss after some minutes and some more pinching of nipples and bum, but l noticed that her once pink nipples were now red, swollen and aroused.


Next he had Lisa bend over, grasping her ankles, legs straight, good job she works out in the gym often l thought to myself. Her legs were apart. Mark moved behind her and looking for a moment at her posterior, he placed two fingers on the lips of her cunt, l heard her intake of breath, and then the fingers parted her lips and were inside the wetness of her cunt. The fingers were roughly pushed and pulled around inside her pussy, but she was wet, very wet, already. Lisa was unable to stifle a groan of delight at his thrusting digits, but then suddenly the two fingers were pulled out of the moist warm hole and without warning, jointly thrust into the dried hole of her anus. This time there was a truly audible gasp from Lisa at this painful invasion, her anus was treated in the same fashion as her cunt had. But on withdrawing his fingers from her shit hole, he had Lisa kneel down right in front of me and placed the two very shit soiled digits against her sweet lips, a slight pressure and she humbly opened her mouth, taking the foul fingers fully into her mouth and starting to suck them clean, licking and sucking as he held every side up for her tongue to cleanse his fingers of her own greasy shit.


My wife’s dirty deed brought my cock up hard and l relaxed. She was obviously getting into this session. Mark and l now stripped off. l looked around the room as we undressed. It was previously a rear downstairs bedroom, now it was windowless, soundproofed, warm and well stocked with various items of bondage and punishments. While we undressed Mark had Lisa drink approxi¬mately a litre of diet coke, we all knew this was to make her piss lots later on.


Mark and l had previously agreed on a “Nazi” type interro¬gation for Lisa, so I’d supplied him with a list of things about her from her earliest sex experiences to her most kinky acts. There was about 100 questions, and l had given him false answers to about 12 of them, he knew there were some false answers on the paper, so did Lisa, but only l knew which ones. During the course of the session he’d need about a dozen questions, so there was a 10% chance of getting a false answer. If and when that happened, he would go on torturing and punishing Lisa even though She was giving him the correct answer; there was no why out for her on those questions, she would only know, when her correct answer, given by her, usually when she could take any more of that punishment or torture, continued unabated. Which is why l had an overriding password. But the false answers had been her idea.

The basic idea was that Lisa was ‘forced to reveal’ her secrets, this could work with her as a French resistance fighter being interrogated by a Nazi, A Jewess in a similar position, a Nun in the Spanish inquisition, a nurse in the hands of the Japs, etc., etc. The master would *********** a question and Lisa would hold out for as long as She possible could before giving the correct answer. Once she had given an answer, she have to perform some act of humiliation, these acts were to become more degrading and perverse as the evening wore on, or until l called a halt to the proceedings.


Now Mark was ready to start, l sat naked in a comfortable chair. Mark clad in leather knee high boots and leather posing pouch and wide leather belt, with leather gloves all in black. He now placed Lisa’s arms and head in a wooden stock frame, which had her head at waist height. Supporting her torso was a padded bench about three foots long and about a foot wide, this reached as far as her navel. He now took her left ankle and attached a wide leather anklet to it, a rope was attached to the D ring on the anklet and her legs pulled, a similar operation was down to the right ankle, till both Lisa’s lovely, long and shapely legs, were stretched apart at an acute angle, the tips of her high heels and the sole of them were just able to be rested on the floor. In this position Lisa’s cunt, arsehole, bum and thighs were totally open to attack.

Taking a thick leather tawse, about 2 feet long, Mark moved into the region between her thighs. Slowly and starting with light smacks, Mark struck Lisa’s bum cheeks, his strikes aimed at a differing part each time and his region of attack was the whole of her bum area from her waist down to the back of her thighs, where her stocking tops finished. He asked her for her maiden name and his strikes became harder with each hit, till the sound of the slaps reverberated around the room and Lisa’s skin was turning a very scarlet pink. The first questions were meant to be menial and used to warm things up, so Lisa could have a variety of punishments applied in a short time, each building up in intensity. So She reveals her former name quite quickly.

For her first act of humiliation, Mark had her clean his penis and balls, orally. l says clean because before he started, he motioned me forward. She was still in her stocks, but that was an ideal height for her task. Mark dropped his leather pouch, revealing his genitals. His penis was virtually erect, he pulled back his foreskin, revealing to Lisa and me the cock head liber¬ally covered in whitish, yellow prick cheese, l could smell the smegma from a couple of foot away.


As he placed his filthy cock at Lisa’s mouth, She offered no resistance, nor hesitation and his disgusting prick slid into her lovely mouth. My own prick emitted a small dribble of spunk, especially on hearing Lisa’s moan slipping from her lips as her mouth closed fully around the penis and sounded more like a sigh of delight. l was close enough to see that her mouth was working eagerly on her dirty task, his cock was fully erect and repeated¬ly he pulled it from her mouth, making her lick the sides of it, right down to the hairy bits. Then she was licking his hairy sacks, covering them with her own spittle till they were gleaming and them one at a time taking one ball carefully into her mouth and gently sucking upon it.

Delighted with her performance, Mark now pulled away and moved back between her legs. He beckoned me over and l watched as he ran a finger into her exposed pussy, Lisa was unable to see what was actually happening back there, but when he took his finger out, he sucked it. He then invited me to do the same. l did so, Lisa’s cunt was sopping wet, and l tasted her juices, love¬ly. All three of us knew by then we were in for one hell of an evening’s fun and by the end, it would be debatable as to who would have enjoyed it most.


Now he had taken a riding crop in his hand. l moved aside. He struck her bum cheek hard, a stifled cry, more of shock than real pain. He now wanted her age. The first 12 hits left a row of red lines across her white bum cheeks, The next 6 were harder much harder, and he paused for longer between each strike of the crop. These 6 left a welt on her skin and produced a stifled cry from Lisa at each hit. l had expected her to give in by now, She did on No 21, and those last three were hard, very hard. Lisa cried out on the last two.

For her second humiliation of the night, Mark freed Lisa and had her kneel on the pad on the floor. He told her he wanted her to lick his arse out and to make it good. Lisa did just that. Parting his bum cheeks with her hands, she first ran her tongue along his bum crack, this she repeated several times, each time she passed over his anal hole, she worried it with the tip of her tongue. Then she started to tongue him out, this lasted some minutes, her tongue was inside his anus, he made Lisa say that she could taste his shit, he made her say that she loved the taste of his shit, while she was there, he farted several times directly into her mouth. Lisa’s nipples betrayed her reaction to this act of humiliation, her previously dark red and rock hard nipples, had turned pink and soft, betraying her distaste at this humiliation. He had her arse lick him for some 10 minutes or so, before he moved on.


Mark now returned Lisa to the stock, but this time she was lying on her back on the supporting bar which actually reached her waist and once again her legs were wide apart up in the air, at 45 degrees to the horizontal, which because her bum was actu¬ally unsupported caused more strain on her legs, than the previ¬ous position. Lisa’s head and arms were fitted into the stocks, but Mark now provided a soft support for the back of her head.

For the next instrument Mark ***********ed a small “Cat ‘O’ nine tails”, which had a big black 12” dildo for a handle, with 9 strips of leather about a metro long and about 3mm diameter. His question this time was “who did you lose your virginity to”. He started his beating on her breasts, as previously soft hits at first, becoming stronger all the time, and with a pause between each hit to allow the pain to sink in. Within 2 minutes Lisa’s lovely creamy white 38’s were a pink colour, as the strikes became harder. l noticed that her nipples had swollen and hard¬ened again in fact they looked bigger than I’d ever seen them before, standing up like the much talked about organ stops. When Lisa’s tits had become red, Mark moved around to between her thighs again, he stroked the cat onto her pussy with a downward swipe, taking full advantage of her exposed and vulnerable cunt and then an upward swipe catch her arsehole and lower cunt.

Again he started slowly and gently. Mark noticed at the same moment that l did, that her breathing was now more rapid, he started to step up the frequency of hits and just a little increase in the severity. Soon Lisa was moaning and whimpering just like she would do when being fucked. Mark asked her if she liked this, “Yes” she did, Did she like the upward strikes or did she like the downward strikes, a harder blow downwards followed by an even harder upward hit, followed this question, Lisa gasped at each one. “Downward” was the answer. Did she want all downward ones, “YES”? So that was what she got and each strike became more severe than the previous one. inside a half dozen strikes, l realised that Lisa was going to climax. Mark struck harder, she was now very vocal, and her body was thrashing around, a half dozen really hard strikes and on the last one she cried out as she climaxed, shrieking and shuddering and shouting the name of her virginity taker. She admitted later that she was lucky that the answer matched, because the way Mark was going and having had her climax, she would have been in real trouble if I’d lied.


Lisa’s act of humiliation quickly followed on. With her still in a climatic state of arousal, Mark entered her cunt with his rampant penis and started to fuck my wife. Soon he had her almost peaking again, but he’d slow up and make her beg him to fuck her. As he took her higher each time, he would stop her just short. Then without any warning he thrust his cock up her rectal hole, making Lisa cry out again, this time at the pain of the sharp intrusion, a few strokes inside her rectum and he pulled out. His cock was well smeared with her brown shit, as part of her instructions had been to arrive with full bowels, So she had been holding herself for about 36 hours by then. Now he walked around the front and Lisa knew, as did l, what was going to be asked of her. Lisa took his shitted cock into her mouth, all the way in, sucking and licking it clean of the brown greasy excre¬ment of her own rectum. My cock dribbled spunk at the sight of my gorgeous wife performing such a dirty act. Three more times Mark entered her cunt, followed by her arse and then her mouth, each time he pulled from her arsehole, his penis seemed more coated with shit than the previous time.


For her next torture, Mark kept Lisa in the same position, This time he took a set of little electrical crocodile clips with mean metal teeth and kneeling between her legs, he fastening three onto each lip of her pussy, l saw the metal teeth sink into her soft flesh as he released each one and Lisa’s body twitched as each was applied, She again had no idea of what he was doing, not being able to see over the wooden top of the stocks. With six of the little monsters fastening to her pussy, Mark now attached a leather garter at the mid-thigh point, just past her stocking tops, little elastic ropes ran from each clip and with a hook each was attached to the various tiny ‘D’ rings on the garter. The effect of attaching them was to put Lisa’s cunt lips, wide apart, stretching them, rather painfully, each rope drew her vaginal lips in a differing direction. Having set her up thus, Mark now produced a big candle and lit it. Her question this time was “you’ve had sex with boys under 16, how many?” At last one with a wrong answer on Mark’s list. He started on her breasts, dripping the wax first off onto her white breast skin and then directly onto each nipple, till they disappeared in a mass of yellow wax. Then he moved to her cunt. When the first molten lump hit her inner pussy lips, Lisa bucked and yelled and swore. She took about 6 drops onto that very sensitive area, before She gave him the answer, only it wasn’t the correct one as far as he was concerned. her reply and the truth (at that moment in time) was 14, I’d put on the sheet 6. Lisa went up the numbers to 25, then down from 14 to 0, but it took time and a further 5 or 6 drops had landed on her, including a direct hit on her swollen clit, which was extremely painful and got the first scream of the evening out of her.

Freeing Lisa from her various bits of bondage, Mark sat down in a chair with his legs stretch out in front of him, with a very long carriage whip, he commanded Lisa onto her knees in front of him and to lick his boots. Very gingerly Lisa picked up his right leg, starting at the top of the boot, she licked her way down leaving a trail of saliva on the shiny black leather, making it gleam, her lips and tongue moved onwards, till she arrived at his Cuban heel, which she then slipped fully into her mouth, sucking upon it, before moving on, this time her tongue roamed over the course sole of the boot, which was treated to long extended licks from her tongue and finally She took as much of the toe tip into her mouth as she could. Then she licked the upper parts of the foot area, before moving back upwards again. This process was repeated for the other boot. l noticed that Lisa’s tongue was black before she finished.

Satisfied with her endeavours on his boots, Mark had Lisa move between his thighs and told her to apply her best oral technique on him. She did. Lisa’s best oral technique is out of this world, it cannot adequately be described, one lays back and enjoys, the licking and sucking of a woman who has sucked over a 1000 different cocks to completion and who enjoys it as much as the one being sucked. her mouth glides over your cock, around your balls, gently and lightly, her tongue probes and teases your anus, before pushing its way into your deeper parts of your rectum, before returning to its main task. Mark lay back for some 15 minutes just enjoying her stimulus. Then when he’d had enough, he stood and holding Lisa’s head, he fucked her mouth. When he came, he came big, with a bellow, he pulled his spurting penis from her eager mouth, he deliberately aimed a spurt of spunk up each of her pretty nostrils and then into her open eyes, finally spraying most of her face with spunk and wiping the remaining dribbles all over her gorgeous face. Lisa loved the treatment, her tongue sought out the drops that she could and her beaming smile reflected her delight at his humiliating act.

She went on licking and sucking at his flaccid penis and without warning he started piss. His first spurts of piss when all over her face, into her eyes, and then into her mouth, Lisa started gulping down his salty piss. l never fail to get turned on by seeing Lisa drinking piss direct from another Man ‘s cock, usually as l watch, my own cock sprays it’s spunk all over the room. Having seen her drink the piss of over 50 different men by then, l was more used to the sight of her drinking another’s piss, but even so it took great will power for me not to shoot off, just then. Lisa gulped down as much of his salty urine as she could manage, but his cock was releasing a torrent of piss, which she could not keep pace with and lots dribbled down her face and onto her boobs and upper torso, Mark didn’t help her at all, he purposely pissed hard and strong into her mouth for that reason and towards the end, as his flow declined, he flicked his cock around her face, splashing her eyes and nostrils with golden pee.

No sooner had he finished than, l replaced him. Lisa greedily took into her mouth my cock and it didn’t need too much before l spunked heavily onto her throat. As Mark had done, l followed up with a piss, mine not so strong in torrent, but lasting longer and filling her belly.

After that Mark and l took a short break of some ten minutes, more scotch was drunk and Lisa was allowed to pick the wax off of her body and allowed to clean herself up at the basin in the corner of the room, with a flannel and soap and towel. So when she returned to us, she was fresh and clean again. She was given a very large scotch and told to drink it in one go. When Mark asked her if she liked Scotch, Lisa had said no, so he asked her now if she’d prefer something else to drink, relaxing for a moment, she stupidly forgot and said yes. So Mark had her fetch a large washing up bowel that was in the corner, as She returned with it l could see in her face that she realised that she’d goofed. Mark told her to do what she’d already guessed, not that she actually minded as by then she was dying for a piss anyway. One leg astride the bowel and squatting over it, her golden stream hit the bowel at a terrific rate and went on for some minutes before drying up. As she made to get up, Mark stopped her, he told her that she must shit was well, Lisa looked ap¬palled.

Mark saw the look on my wife’s face. He explained that he wanted Lisa to shit into the bowel and then he’d pour her piss which would be a little contaminated by her own shit into a jug and She’d have to drink that. Only problem was that if she spilt a single drop, She’d have to eat the shit in the bowel. Lisa looked absolutely horrified at this and had gone quite pale. So then he offered Lisa an alternative, if She caught her shit in her hands as it came out of her arse, he let her place it on a plate. Only when she finished She’d have rather messy hands. If She could then drink all her piss out of the jug, with a straw within one minute, he’d let her wash her hands, if not she’d have to lick and suck then clean. Lisa agreed to this 2nd choice.


She blushed one of her rare head to toe real crimson blushes when she started shitting, not having done such an act in the presence of anyone before. Having held herself for a longer period than normal, she was very full and quite relieved. As she started Mark informed her that she must hold everything that comes out in her hands till she has totally finished, any bits falling onto the floor, she would have to eat. Cupping both hands beneath herself her shit soon was overflowing her hands, She seemed to stop, till Mark told her that he wanted to see a pebble sized piece emerge from her anus, or he’d know she was holding back and her punishment would be to eat ALL her shit. Spurred on by that remark, Lisa squeezed and strained at her bowels, the pieces of shit became smaller, but oh dear a few smaller bits fell off her pile, onto the floor, Lisa panicked at the fall of these and instinctively attempted to catch them, in doing so a further lump the size of my thumb fell off as well.

Lisa was finished and said so; She also looked at the pieces of her shit on the floor with dismay. Mark gave her a plate onto which she transferred the bulk of her turds. her hands weren’t as badly soiled as they might have been. Now Mark pro¬duced a long straw and gave it to Lisa telling her that he’d time her from the word ‘GO’. Taking the bowl, he poured the piss into a large glass jug, l was amazed at how much there was.

‘READY’, ‘GO’ Lisa plunged her straw into the piss filled jug and started sucking away. Mark called out the time every ten seconds. As he got to ten he counted down single seconds, but Lisa, poor Lisa she’d tried so hard, she’d almost made it as he shouted stop, there was about an inch left in the jug.

Lisa looked at us both; Mark said that She knew what She had to do next. Meekly, she lifted her hands to her mouth and started licking her palms, her revulsion, showed in her face. No sooner had she finished that task than Mark pointed to the floor, where 3 pebble sized lumps and 1 thumb sized lump of her shit lay. Following his command She knelt on the floor and in delight l watched her pick up the small lumps and one after the other she quickly popped them into her mouth, instantly swallowing them down, when it came to the bigger lump, she held it between her fingers and inserted it into her mouth, Lisa had to bite it in half or she could not have taken it down in one quick swallow, l almost climaxed as she bit it, l heard Mark groan. l was dammed sure that when she popped the second and final lump into her mouth and licked her fingers clean, that the lump stayed in her mouth for a few moments before she actually swallowed. Mark indicated to her that she could drink the rest of her jug to wash it down with.

When she was finished Mark had her admit that it wasn’t too bad, was it? Lisa agreed that it hadn’t been so bad, after all. l thought for a moment that he was going to persuade her to eat the remainder of her shit still on the plate, But no. He had other ideas.


Now it was time for some more tortures. He had Lisa now sit on the edge of the narrow table and he secured her arms by her wrists to the table top with the clamps riveted some 2 or 3 feet behind her, forcing her to lean back; next her legs were spread wide apart and clamped to the table legs with her knees bent. With a length of rope Mark now tightly bound my wife’s superb breasts in a figure of eight loop around their base, almost at once the lovely white skin of her breasts coloured pink and the pattern of blue veins could be seen, this restrictions was also making her nipples stand out like organ stoppers.

Now Mark took from a table a black leather bra, which l saw had large holes for the woman’s nipples, he showed it to me for a few moments. Inside was a lining and protruding from each cup was an array of little spikes, each of length possibly of 5mm to 15mm, each looked very sharp. Moving behind Lisa’s back, he carefully placed each cup over her bound breasts, before fasten¬ing the straps, as he did so, Lisa gasped at the tips of the pins taking hold on her sensitised skin.

We were now back to the questions, Mark told her that he wanted her to confess to us all about her sexual antics with members of her and my family. Well in fact that covered a lot of ground, as he already knew. Mark cupped both hands around Lisa’s right breast and slowly squeezed at it. l watched her eyes open as the pain caused by the various tips took effect. Lisa was soon telling him about sex with my brother. He was only about 17 at the time and had been staying with us for a long weekend, Lisa and l weren’t even married at this time. He hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off Lisa, especially as She was being rather tarty in her dress and behaviour, making him hot under the col¬lar. So on the second night, l dared her to go into his room, which She did, not returning for at least 2 hours. l had to listen to her moaning and the sound of the bed springs all that time. When she returned l was as rampant as hell, but Lisa had me lick out her cunt of my own brother’s spunk first. The next night and for the rest of his stay, and on other infrequent visits, We took her together and separately.

That had been a relatively (OOP’s! sorry about that) easy one to confess, but every time She paused, Mark had given a bit more of a squeeze, moving both his hands over her right breast. Lisa said later that every pin had broken the skin by the end of that first saga. The other tales weren’t so easy to confess to. Taking hold of her other breast, Mark asked for the rest of the details. She was holding out this one a bit more. Mark started squeezing slowly, but as her resistance grew, he gripped harder. The pin tips were penetrating her breast remorselessly, but still Lisa held out, until he had by squeezing had every pin penetrat¬ing her, he smiling took hold of the 12” tawse he’d first used on her, three smacks onto each breast has Lisa yelping at each hit and then a couple of hard ones, She started talking.

This time it was my father. I’d known he’d bonked Lisa a few times, at that time I’d never witnessed it, she had admitted it to me, but wasn’t very forthcoming. Now l found out that he’d fucked her at least once a month, since about a month after our engagement party and now he was into her drinking his pee and spanking her bum. Also he quite liked to do that outside in warm weather, in woods etc., so that he could tie her to trees. There was a lot of mutual desire for that on both sides, but Lisa confessed that it was She who started the kinky stuff, although She says she resisted his advances initially for a long while.



During that confession, Lisa had not been molested, but now Mark said he wanted to hear about her incest in particular. Lisa denied it at once. So taking some dozen or so sewing needles and pins, he stroked her now highly sensitive right nipple with the tip of a 4” pin. l didn’t think she’d take it. l don’t think Lisa realised what was about to happen. He did it quite quickly. Mark pushed the pin through her right nipple; it seemed to go in effortlessly. Lisa’s face opened up and a mixture of a squeal and the word shit came out. Before She could recover, her initial shock, he drove a second 4” into the same nipple at right angles to the first forming an “X” with the pins. The second pin brought forth a squeal. There was an initial show of blood on her nipple, which caused my cock to twitch.

Mark moved his attention to her left nipple; he looked at her, waiting for the confession. l watched fascinated. They were starring right into each other’s eyes. But Lisa had a haughty, damn you look on her face. As he pushed the 3rd pin in, Lisa only real visible reaction was an intake of breath. The forth went in, again the same. Putting his pins down, Mark now took some thin cord of about 2 metres long and on each end he created a slip knot, which he then fastened onto Lisa’s nipples, behind the “X’s” formed by the pins in both cases. The slip knots were then pulled tight. The cord looped about 2 feet from the ground. Taking a spring about a foot long he clipped it onto the lowest part of the loop. a large ring was on the bottom of the spring, showing it to Lisa and me, Mark took a lead ball weight of 100 grams and placed it on the ring, when he let go, the weight was transferred directly to Lisa’s already tormented nipples. Again a gasp, this was pure agony for Lisa. Mark added a further three 100 gram weights over the next ten minutes, each time he placed another weight onto the ring he’d let the cord swing back and forth a little. Lisa was gritting her teeth and almost crying with the torture, her lovely breasts were cruelly distorted by the pull of the weights, in addition the holes made by the pins in her nipples were now being pulled open and blood was seeping out of each hole, very slowly.

She relented. This time it was the saga about her catching my first wife Caroline, with her 17 year old lover Simon and his best mate, Arthur, fucking them silly one afternoon when they believed they had the house to themselves. Well she saw them and they saw her. Lisa was about 15 at the time. Her virginity was taken by Arthur and Simon, and Caroline introduced her to some female love. She has always admitted that She was not forced nor coerced at all; She joined in the sexual fun totally freely and with wanton abandons. Whilst She talked Mark placed a box under the weights, this relieved the pull on her sore nipples.

Mark seemed to relent at that point, although both Lisa and l were aware that there was still one more incident to confess, he lifted to weights of the cord, took the cord of her nipples, and pulled the pins out of her nipples each of which released a dark red blob of blood when the pins came out, Lisa relieved still felt the removal almost as much as the insertion. Off came the pin bra, revealing a pattern of tiny pin pricks all over her breasts, one or two pins had penetrated a vein and blood flowed freely from those holes for a few moments, finally the rope bondage was removed and Mark cleaned up the blood spots from her boobs with cotton wool and surgical spirits. We both massaged the circulation back into her breasts.


During Lisa’s breast torture, both Mark and l had regained our erections. Now he entered Lisa’s cunt with his penis and started to fuck her slowly. She was in the perfect position, he had to bend his knees a little, but that enabled him to thrust into her with force. Her face was near enough for him to bend forward and kiss her, which he did; She returned his kiss with equal fervour and passion. His mouth roamed onto her sore breasts and licked and sucked at her nipples, hardening them again and making Lisa groan with delight.

This time she was really aflame with lust, begging him to fuck her harder and harder and bit her nipples etc. I’d only seen her at this state a few times. Mark callously withdrew his thrusting penis from her demanding cunt hole, immediately Lisa was begging him to continue, passionately.


‘Please don’t stop, MY MASTER, fill me with your wonderful cock’.


He had kept his penis tip rubbing around the entrance of her love hole and clit, just so that she knew; he was still there and still hard. She reminded me of the typical man in the desert dying of thirst, begging for a glass of water, she wasn’t play acting anymore Lisa was really into the scene, Mark and I had created. She was Hot, perspiring slightly, fully aroused and her enjoyment was reflected in her bright eyes and hint of a smile at her lips, like a fit runner, nearing the end of a Marathon race.

‘Do you want your husband to fuck you?’

‘No, I want you, please Master.’

‘ Well, Lisa, I would like to fuck you as well, But, I’d promised myself that you must do something for me, that I’ve wanted to do since l first saw your photo, do you know what that is?’

Lisa shook her long blonde locks ‘No, please tell me’.

‘OH No Lisa, you tell me, and get it right first time, or Peter and I will walk away and leave you like this for the rest of the night,’ a frown of consternation crossed my wife’s brow, ‘ But l will give you a clue, you see it is an act that you’ve never done before, but you’ve seen it done, so I’m told, Peter has discussed it with you in the context of am S and M session and you have agreed to try it. (this could have been one of two particular acts).

Lisa blushed red again, She looked from Mark to me, again a slight smile, I hadn’t forewarned her, but now She knew exactly what act he was referring to, as there was no evidence of any facility for her to do the other of the two kinky acts.


‘Master, would it please you to take a shit into my mouth and have me eat it and swallow it’. She said it, no hesitation; l felt my cock twitch at her words. I’d never dreamt of hearing her say such a thing to any man, certainly not in such as bold man¬ner.

‘Yes, my slave that is exactly right and obviously you are ready for this honor, so I will bestow it upon you. So saying he then climbed up on top of the table, indicating to me that I should take his place between my wife’s thighs.

My cock entered Lisa’s hole with the ease of a sharp knife going into melting butter. Her cunt felt like it was on fire anyway, I had excellent sight of Mark’s arsehole which was now only about 3 inches from her luscious red lips. l could clearly see that his anal hole was dark, dirty and hairy.

Following Mark’s instructions I now leant forward till my mouth closed over the head of his penis. l knew Lisa would be watching intently and becoming even further aroused by my ac¬tions. l could taste her juices on his cock. Almost before I was ready his jet of hot salty piss gushed forth, directly into my mouth, some of it splashing over my face and dripping onto Lisa’s neck and breasts. I gulped the salty piss down as best l could and at the same moment felt Lisa shudder beneath me in a climax at my dirty deed, as l drank on l resumed fucking her slowly.


Lisa was indeed climaxing over my act; the sexual thrills in her body were almost too much to stand. She needed to climax again and again, So caught up in what I was doing, Lisa failed to notice at first that Mark’s arsehole was dilating, a small fart noise reverted her attention. Emerging from Mark’s anus was a big dark brown turd.

Mark allowed about five inches of turd to slide out from his arse, holding it there with muscle control. it looked more like a brown cock than a lump of excretion. I wasn’t sure exactly what My wife would do, but l was surprised when she opened her mouth and her tongue came out and she licked around the turd, just as if it were a cock, as she did so l noticed her tongue turning brown. l had stopped my slow fuck of her cunt, because l was so near pumping my spunk. Mark’s piss had died off and l now slowly sucked upon his cock, knowing and feeling that his state matched my own, We were both mesmerized by Lisa’s actions.

After running her tongue around the foul lump, she had slowly taken it into her mouth, still held by Mark’s arse mus¬cles, just like she would have taken a penis, her red lips quick¬ly browned as her saliva scooped a thin layer of shit onto them as she moved her mouth back and forth, the turd glistened with her spittle. Then it broke away from his arsehole, Lisa had half of about 6 inches held in her lips, with her hands still held, She had to put her head back and allow the shit to slip into her mouth. Already another thick turd was emerging from Mark’s arse¬hole.

Lisa seeing the other emerging instinctively swallowed her first lump it down and her mouth was already open, accepting the next lump. ‘This is the most disgusting and revolting act I’ve ever done’ she thought to herself. The vile taste waves pondered her tongue and lifted her sexually higher and higher. In the height of her sexual surge, she chewed the second lump, feeling it disintegrate in her mouth, but keeping her mouth open, because She knew the Men wanted to see such action. Lisa was surprised that she felt no nausea, almost the contrary, She was high on greedy, kinky lust, Yes the shit did taste foul, but not as bad as She had feared, Just like Caroline and Diane had told her.


Some more shit slipped down her throat, but her mouth was open, receiving more and more till her mouth was full, only then did she gulp down the now pulped turds, feeling her throat fill and contract on the filth, but her lips opened and took the last small lumps. The foul taste was filling her head, but firing her sexual lust higher, although some of the shit slid down her throat, Lisa kept some firmly in her mouth, and started to chew and break up the lumps with her teeth and tongue, Before her mouth as empty of the bulk of the mess, Lisa had her lips pressed against Mark’s anal hole, her sexy tongue probing his rectum for the last vestiges of his shit.

Mark’s stream of piss was slowing down to a trickle and although he had spunked into Lisa’s cunt and mouth already that evening, his cock was still rigid and in fact like Lisa was at the height of sexual lust; as was I and so I now took Mark’s cock fully into my mouth as fully as it could. The odour and rancid taste of the stale spunk and piss and other things, had no damp¬ening on my ardour, far from it. I greedily sucked away. Mark’s lust was such that it barely took more than a couple of sucks before he was filling my mouth with spunk, but before his seamen stream was spent, he pulled it out of my mouth and sprayed my face with it, purely for Lisa’s benefit, before pushing it back into my gasping mouth. For two or three more minutes Mark enjoyed the feeling of the husband sucking his now only semi erect penis and the wife tongue’s probing deep inside his bowels. He then got down from the table and moved away taking up a short whip.


Commanding me to kiss Lisa, Mark now started to whip my back and bum. I needed no second invitation and clamped my lips over Lisa’s and drove My tongue into her mouth, Mark’s shit was still very evident in her mouth and in fact Lisa still held a large amount of loose mess and several lumps in her mouth, which she was rolling around, savouring the filthiness of her lust driven act, so my tongue tasted the shit straight away plunging into the foul brown sewage. I was now in a sexual frenzy of my own and sought out those remaining pieces with my tongue, realis¬ing what I was doing, Lisa’s senses were further fired up and she eagerly gave up the last few pebbles of shit, letting me draw them back into my mouth to taste before swallowing them down. Now We both climaxed together, crying out in unison as the spunk pumped into the hot demanding cunt and finally collapsing into a sweating and air gasping heap.

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