Male Sex Organ gets replacement, Women celebrates

Women celebrates as a new plant called Nepenthes Holdenii resurface to replace the male sex organ.


A look at this picture will ruin your mind. But it’s not what you think but it could do the same work, but it can never be like the original.


This is a carnivorous plant called Nepenthes Holdenii. It is a tropical pitcher plant in the Nepenthaceae family. It is only known to live on two peaks in the Cardamom Mountains of western Cambodia, growing at elevations from 600-800 m.

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About 140 species of the Nepenthes are known, and they are mostly native to Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and Australia.


The large red and green pitchers that characterize Nepenthes holdenii are actually modified leaves designed to capture and digest insects. The pitchers can reach up to 30 centimeters long. The carnivorous strategy allows the plants to gain additional nutrients and flourish in otherwise impoverished soils.


A further unusual adaptation seen in this new species is its ability to cope with fire and extended periods of drought. Cambodia’s dry season causes forests to desiccate and forest fires are common. Nepenthes holdenii exploits the clearings caused by these regular blazes by producing a large underground tuber which sends up a new pitcher- bearing vine after the fires have passed.

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Male Sex Organ gets replacement, Women celebrates
Male Sex Organ gets replacement, Women celebrates

British photographer Jeremy Holden, who first found the plant on the FFI survey and after whom it is named, said: “The Cardamom Mountains are a treasure chest of new species, but it was a surprise to find something as exciting and charismatic as an unknown pitcher plant.”


François Mey, the French botanist and Nepenthes expert who described the plant said: “This amazing species may be the most drought-tolerant of the genus. Thanks to a large underground tuber, it has the ability to endure extended periods of drought and fires.”

Male Sex Organ gets replacement, Women celebrates

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