Man ‘furious’ after learning girlfriend’s reason for secretly selling his Xbox

A man is upset with his girlfriend after she took his property and sold it – an Xbox.


He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” for advice. One day he noticed his Xbox was missing. He confronted his live-in girlfriend about it, and she admitted she sold it. But he couldn’t believe the reason.


“[My girlfriend and I] are in a relationship, and we live together,” he explained. “Yesterday, when I came back from work to play some video games on my Xbox, I realized the Xbox was not there. I thought something like my girlfriend maybe had moved it somewhere to clean the place where it was sitting.”

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“I searched everywhere in the house but had no clue. But I let it slide because I thought I could ask her where it was after she came from work. After a while, she finally reached home. I didn’t ask about the Xbox right away because I wanted to be nice to her. So she took her shower and ate dinner, etc. But she was late and also she was very sweaty for some reason. I didn’t think much of it (big mistake).”

When he finally discovered what she had done to his gaming console, he was completely stunned.


“I finally asked her where my Xbox is in a very nice way,” he said. “Her eyes started to shake, and she told me, ‘I sold your Xbox because I wanted to get a gym membership and go to the gym with my friends.’ I was furious. I went on a rant about how it was my Xbox and [asked] how she could sell it without my permission.”

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“She said she wanted to join her friends. I told her that she could have used her own money, and I also reminded her that I was saving my money to buy the Xbox while she spent her money shopping, etc. I told her she could have saved her money for the gym membership. She said she couldn’t wait and she wanted to join and go to the gym with her friends. The argument got tough, and she left to stay at her parents’ house. That night her mother called me and berated me.”

Man ‘furious’ after learning girlfriend’s reason for secretly selling his Xbox
Man ‘furious’ after learning girlfriend’s reason for secretly selling his Xbox

Redditors thought the girlfriend was being self-centered.

“That was so disrespectful on her part. You don’t just sell something that’s not yours for your own selfish wants,” a user wrote.

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“DUMP HER and send her parents a bill for a new Xbox,” another said.


“This time, it is an Xbox. Wonder what she will steal from you next time and sell,” someone added.

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