Man in court for underperforming and always sending wife parking

A 31-YEAR old man of Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Compound, Zambia was left drenched in shame after his unsatisfied wife led bare his bedroom resume of underperformance before court.


Memory Mwanza aged 30 begged the Lusaka Boma Local Court to divorce her from Mac Millan because she could not stand a man who finished his business in a few seconds and left her hanging.


She said her husband of eight years had no ability to take her to nimbus clouds during their matrimonial waist pleasures.

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Memory told the court that many a time, their intimacy sessions as a couple always ended when her husband was satisfied.


Furthermore, Memory said sometimes her husband did not touch her because he had been satisfied by his extramarital side dishes.


Besides not satisfying her in bed, Memory testified that her husband sent her packing each time they had an argument and for her this meant that he did not love her.

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When given chance to speak, her husband also had accusations of his own.


He told the court that his wife was fond of flirting with her workmate and that is reason he would send her away from their matrimonial home.


“I found messages saying I love you in my Wife’s phone from another man and when I asked her she said that’s how they play,” he said.

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In passing judgement, Magistrate Kaoma divorced the couple saying sending his wife away and denying her sex meant that Macmillan did not love his wife.


The Magistrates noted a man should be concerned with his wife sexual satisfaction rather than ignoring it.


The court ordered that Millan should pay K700 monthly for the maintenance of the couple’s two children and that he should compensate his former wife with K8000 which he would pay in K500 monthly installments.

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