Man pays neighbour to impregnate his wife, demand refund after 75 failed attempts

Darius Makambako, a member of the Tanzanian Police Force Traffic Division, is said to have sued his neighbor, Evans Mastano, 32, whom he hired to help his 28-year-old wife, Precious, get pregnant.


It was gathered that the couple’s six-year efforts to have a child had been in vain before they turned to Evans for help.


Additional reports indicate that a doctor later diagnosed Makambako as infertile.


With that in mind, Evans, who was already married and blessed with two beautiful daughters and bore a striking resemblance to Makambako, was reportedly paid 2,000,000 Tanzanian shillings (N360,000) for the work, with the contract stating it will be done for three evenings a week, 10 consecutive months, in 2016


Hoping that the plan was perfect due to the resemblance, the situation became unfortunate when Evans tried desperately a total of 75 different times to get his friend’s wife, Precious pregnant but failed.


Their efforts reportedly intensified when Precious, a nurse at a private clinic, decided to get a three-month vacation (March-June 2016) to spend her time sleeping with her husband’s best friend and neighbor in order to see if she would take in.


It became a concern after Precious went 10 months without getting pregnant.


Makambako, not understanding the situation, insisted that Evans undergo a medical examination in January 2017.


Evans, it was discovered, was also infertile.


“If Evans is sterile, how is it possible for him to have two daughters?” Makambako asked.


As the revelations progressed, Evans’ wife came into the scene with an admission that she already knew that Evans wasn’t the real father of her two children, but his cousin, Edward.


“I was forced to secretly sleep with his first cousin for these two children, after realising that my husband could not impregnate me for two years,” Angela told the Dar-es-Salaam Today News.


As a result of this revelation from Evan’s wife, Makambako who felt sad over the situation, sued Evans for breach of contract to get his money back.


Meanwhile, Evans has staged a defense noting that he did not guarantee conception, but only that he would give it an honest effort.

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