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Man sleeps off after raping a 65years-old Woman.

Man sleeps off after raping a 65years-old Woman.
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A 20years-old man reportedly fell asleep after raping a 65year-old woman in Nkayi, Zimbabwe.


According to reports, the young man raped her twice – first wearing condom, which he later threw away saying ‘it’s disturbing me’.


At court, the victim told the Magistrate court that after raping her twice, the man told her she now belonged to him.


According to her, he then fell asleep in her blankets.


The woman said the man, who is her neighbour, strangled her and asked her if she uses ‘uyajusa’ (was taking ARV medication).


She told the court that she tried to fight back and bit him on his lower lip, but he overpowered her.


The man, she said, raped her while putting on a condom but later tossed it away saying that it disturbed him.


She said, “After he fell asleep in my blankets, I picked up my two-year-old grandchild and fled to my neighbour’s homestead. He woke up and fled before we returned.”


“I am even afraid to sleep in my home or to make eye contact with him because of what he did to me”.


According to The Chronicle, the man pleaded not guilty to rape when he appeared before Bulawayo Regional Magistrate, Mr Trynose Utahwashe who remanded him in custody, for continuation of trial.


The man said there was no way he could have raped the woman as she was the same age as his mother.


He said, “There was no way I could have had an erection for you at your age.”


The police prosecutor, Robin Mukura insisted that the man raped the old woman when she was sleeping in her homestead.


He said he grabbed her by the neck, threatened to axe her and raped her.


Mukura said, “After raping her, the man fell asleep in the old woman’s bedroom. She fled from her homestead and sought refuge at another neighbour’s homestead”.

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