MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP: What is Leadership.

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Leadership is  the act of leading an organization, or the ability to take challenge upon yourself.

Styles of Leadership
guidance, direction, authority, control, management,superintendence, supervision;coordinator,headship, directorship, governorship,administration, jurisdiction, captaincy, control, ascendancy, rule, command, power, mastery, domination,premiership, sovereignty.

Benefits of Leadership
It gives high recognition, connection, wealth, and better positions in life as quick than u expected.

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But many people avoid the post of a leader in class, group, organization, Federal level, state level even at the local level and such people would be the ones condemning the effort of other leaders.

Now let me tell you categorically that only the leaders has the power to think and make it a law and the followers has to abide by it. Whatsoever those in power think today becomes a law tomorrow.

In politics you get involve when you are part of the leaders; Federal, state, local government, constituency even at the ward level.

Been a leader qualifies you to be first person to get an information and any thing coming to your domain.
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