Mar-a-Lago raid: Many voters still want Trump ‘24 run – Poll

More registered voters approve of Monday’s FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago than disapprove, according to a new poll – which also found that a plurality would rather see former President Donald Trump run for the White House in 2024 than President Biden.


The Politico/Morning Consult survey released Thursday found that 49% “strongly” or “somewhat” approve of the FBI’s search, while 37% “strongly” or “somewhat” disapproved. Another 13% said they didn’t know or had no opinion.


Reactions to the raid were split along partisan lines, with 84% of Democrats saying they approved and only 15% of GOP voters saying the same. Among independents, 47% approved and 32% disapproved.


Nearly three-quarters of Republicans (72%) said they disagreed with the Mar-a-Lago raid, while only 6% of Democratic voters said the same.


Unsurprisingly, 69% of Republican respondents said they believed the search was politically motivated – a claim only 11% of Democrats agreed with. While 81% of Democrats said the search appeared to be related to evidence of a crime, only 16% of GOP voters said the same.


A majority of respondents – 54% – said they thought the raid was conducted due to mishandling of classified information, while 58% said they believed Trump “definitely” or “probably” broke the law during his four years in the White House.

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However, the same survey found that 39% of voters — including 71% of Republicans — thought Trump should run for president again two years from now, while just 28% — including 53% of Democrats — said the same of Biden.


Trump has yet to formally announce what would be a third consecutive bid, while Biden and the White House have insisted that the 46th president plans to run for re-election barring ill health.


Federal agents spent more than nine hours searching Mar-a-Lago — breaking into a safe, scouring former first lady Melania Trump’s wardrobe, and examining a locked basement storage room. The agents removed approximately a dozen boxes of documents and other materials – which reportedly include letters to Trump from his predecessor Barack Obama and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Thursday that the Department of Justice is seeking to unseal the search warrant, as well as a list of items that were taken.


While specifics about what the FBI found have yet to be revealed, the Washington Post has reported that the bureau was looking for “classified documents relating to nuclear weapons” as part of the search.

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