Maria Chike: Why I’m relocating to Dubai

Maria Chike: Why I'm relocating to Dubai

Former BBNaija housemate, Maria Chike Benjamin, popularly known as Maria said she is relocating to Dubai as she found it hard to adapt in Nigeria.


She said in a month’s time, she would deactivate her Instagram page.


Maria, a former air hostess, had in recent times, received lots of endorsement from several bands as their ambassador. She also has a huge fan base on social media. She has one million followers on Instagram and over 88,600 followers on Twitter.


One of Maria’s fans had said on Twitter that she should do a video crying and telling her fans how she loved them.


Maria replied: “So Gift suggested we do a whole video of me crying sincerely, that I love you guys but Nigeria has been hard for me to adapt.


“So I’m moving back to Dubai. And in a month’s time, I’ll deactivate my IG, a huge apology to all the brands I work with etc. I just couldn’t 🥺”


Meanwhile, Maria Chike has said she would commit murder if any man ever beats her.


A Twitter troll, Sniper Ray had asked Maria “Did kelvin ponch you today? How’s the black eye he gave you?


Maria replied: “The word you tried to type is “punch.”


Then she said what people did not know about her was that the day a man touched her in that manner, that was the day she would go to jail for murder.


She wrote: “And if there’s nothing you know about me let me school you, the day a man touches me in that manner is the day I go to jail for murder, now run back to your parents and get them to love you differently, so you can have peace within! Stay blessed.”

A fan of the celebrity who replied her tweet, Winner Avenue said “I love this, stop allowing nonentities to be insulting you anyhow.”


Another one, Francis Mercy said: “Thank you Maria.. some people here will just be stup*d for free.. haha.”

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