Marriage: How Chinese Parent helped their Daughter develop Anxiety Disorder

Doctors in China recently diagnosed a 27-year-old woman with severe anxiety disorder caused by the relentless pressure from her parents to get married.


The woman, who resides in Jinan, Shandong province of eastern China, recently went to Qilu Hospital at Shandong University and received treatment after suffering various symptoms, including a panic attack, difficult breathing, numbness and twitching limbs. She was later diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and respiratory alkalosis.


According to her doctor, Chen Liang, the woman’s symptoms were triggered by a heated argument she had with her parents over marriage, reported Shanhai Video. After repeatedly being told to get married, the woman got into “a big fight” and began feeling her chest tighten.

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“She told us that her parents had repeatedly pressed her to marry,” Chen told Shanhai Video. “Eventually, she couldn’t take it any longer and had a big fight with them. After the argument, she felt her chest tighten, so she took quick and deep breaths.”


Chen explained that low blood carbon dioxide levels caused by rapid breathing, or hyperventilating, caused the respiratory alkalosis. He added that most patients with respiratory alkalosis are diagnosed with anxiety disorders as well.


Chen recommended that those experiencing anxiety and respiratory alkalosis seek immediate medical attention, addingthat “people must try to calm them and help ease their anxiety.”

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“It’s really scary for parents to urge marriage. I just experienced one this morning. It’s too suffocating. They all criticize you. I said I don’t want to get married. You complete the marriage [and it’s] not about whether you are happy or not,” one user shared.


“When you encounter this kind of thing, be selfish, remember that life is yours, don’t care what anyone says, if you feel happy, that’s happiness,” another user suggested.

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