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Marriage: Why your Wife may Cheat on you

Marriage: Why your Wife may Cheat on you
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Marriage: Why your Wife may Cheat on you

DONT Give Another Man Chance To CULTIVATE On Your FARM.


It’s common for married men to cheat and boast about it. Many people don’t ever imagine a married woman cheating. But the truth is that even the most innocent looking wife can cheat if her husband never has time for her.


Loneliness has pushed many married women into the arms of another man. Yes, LONLINESS kills.


Dear men, making money is important but never make your wife feel lonely. Loneliness kills a relationship, it kills her joy and love for you. Marriage is not all about providing accommodation, food and expensive things for your wife then abandoning her for months all in the name of a business trip ( Sometimes lies). By the time your wife meets a stranger online or bump into a long time friend that showers her with attention, She may fall and before she knows it, she is cheating on you.

Why your wife may cheat on you in your marriage
Marriage: Why your Wife may Cheat on you

Please don’t starve your wife with loneliness, else another man will feed her with attention and cultivate on your farm. If you love your farm, take care of it by yourself instead of allowing another person to care for it. You will lose it.

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