May Another Buhari Never Rule Nigeria Again (Opinion)

To say Buhari has become the worst mistake to have happened to Nigeria is no longer news, even to the ardent supporters of the former military dictator.


What is news is the carelessness at which the Buhari administration continues to drive the nail into the hearts of the already ailing populace of the country. His disregards to the pains of Nigerians. His lack of concern and zero interaction with the angry and young population of the country.


He may not know his action or inaction is brewing a potentially volatile concoction that may soon explode in a bright and ugly manner. For now, he has the DSS to quell the angry voices of the oppressed.


But Nigeria must not repeat another mistake of electing to power another close and narrow minded semi illiterate military dictator as a President to pilot the affairs of a cosmopolitan and diversified society in the like of a modern Nigeria. What Nigeria needs is modernity. Progressives. New faces. New ideas. Bold ideas that breakaway from the old.


May Another Buhari Never Rule Nigeria Again
May Another Buhari Never Rule Nigeria Again

The next leader must not be by zoning. It must not. But it must be by merit and hope. The APC has shown its inability to lift a stone towards the building or rebuilding of Nigeria. Rather, it has done the reverse.


Nigeria must reject APC in totality. In practical terms, embrace new faces and new ideas. PDP had even faired better, judging by previous data.

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May God Help Us.


Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe

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