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Meet Alena, African woman married to a Korean with seven kids

Meet Alena, African woman married to a Korean with seven kids

Alena Maze is an African woman, who is currently married to a Korean husband. She is a director ,producer and also a Ph.d holder of mathematics and also she is a currently a mum of seven lovely children to her husband Joe Lee.


Love to  us a deep feeling of affection ,connect with others that fails to give importance to societal norms, restrictions and terms.


Love is a feeling that fails to give importance to the opinions and views of others ,rather it goes around doing what it likes.


The past few years has witnessed the union of the African race, and other countries uniting as one in the unity of love, and today we have such news again. Love they say is interesting especially when people of different tribe, race and ethnic group can come together to have a life full of fun and procreation.



The number of mixed African family is been interesting as the day go by, having an African woman mixed with Korean is definitely something everyone would love to see. As Africans we love giving birth as this is one of our lovely activities, a lot of African women will work hard and of still give birth to plenty children to ensure the lineage is kept secured.


Even with been married to a Korean man, Alena hasn’t shown other wise than promote our lovely culture of procreation as Africans! She is currently a mum to seven pretty and wonderful children, whom her husband is always proud of, checking his Instagram page @streetvoker you would notice ninety percent of the pictures are of his lovely kids and his pretty wife Alena.


African -Korean Kids
Joe Lee ‘s first born
African -Korean Family
Alena and Joe Lee

Meet Alena, African woman married to a Korean with seven kids



This is the kind of love stories ,we all love to hear and read about, this is because its gives African people a great sense of belonging and we are grateful for this.

African -Korean Family
Joe Lee and Alena Maze with their seven kids.


Also this is a beautiful African-Korewn union and we love to share with people.

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