Meet Fatmata Sowa, Miss Eco International Sierra Leone 2022

Fatmata Sowa has become the first to be crowned Miss Eco Sierra Leone. She is 23 years old, and she was born in the city of Bo.


She is also a college student who is currently awaiting graduation with BSC in Applied Accounting at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone.

Meet Fatmata Sowa, Miss Eco International Sierra Leone 2022

Fatama will be competing in Miss Eco International in Egypt coming 2022. She is currently working on a platform based on recycling education and practice. She believes that recycling is an important topic that should be thought in schools most especially to school aged children. Educating the young generation about recycling will help the future of our planet/environment, because as the saying goes, “children are the future of tomorrow.” Miss Sowa and the MEISL team are planning to conduct a method of working with schools by placing recycling bin in different institutes, educate students about what goes in each bin, and why recycling is important for the sustainability of our environment. Students and youths will be the best to spread such message to. That is because, they are capable of spreading the word to their friends, families, and others. Having such a project will help create jobs for the unemployed, by using the recycled or waste items and reuse them to make different products needed for daily functions.

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She wishes to meet with the First Lady of Sierra Leone and share some of her plans and goals and eventually get the necessary support on her project.


Fatmata Sowa is an epitome of confidence and determination; believing that hard work and dedication will aid in her path to success. She is the exact definition of beauty with brain.

Meet Fatmata Sowa, Miss Eco International Sierra Leone 2022
Meet Fatmata Sowa, Miss Eco International Sierra Leone 2022

Her belief in the immense opportunities of life through the attainment of a very good education goes deeply intact with her passion for modeling – a talent she had discovered since her teenage years. Her passion for pageantry started in 2015 of which she won the first pageant she ever competed in.

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In 2017, she was crowned Miss Bo, and she has been popularly known as Miss Bo till date. In 2018, she won the Miss Diaspora Sierra Leone title, and she was one of the contestants in Miss Sierra Leone 2019. Though she did not place that year, Fatmata had the faith she will pursue other opportunities.

Meet Fatmata Sowa, Miss Eco International Sierra Leone 2022

In 2019, she was hired as a pageant coach by Future Star Africa Academy and she worked with kids and young aspiring models. She enjoyed doing her job as a coach and it has been a worthwhile experience.

Fatmata Sowa is a very determined, focused minded, hardworking, young lady, and she is always willing to learn and explore new opportunities. She is hopeful her advocacy will encourage people around the world and to put more focus on the importance of how we can all make a difference, by devising smart environmental choices to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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