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Meet Late Bob Marley ‘s Wife – Alpharita ‘Rita’ Anderson

Meet Late Bob Marley 's Wife - Alpharita ‘Rita’ Anderson
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Bob Marley was married to Alpharita ‘Rita’ Anderson, whom he married in Jamaica on February 10, 1966.


According to Rita, Bob would woo her with love letters in the early days of their relationship.


She once said: “He was even sending his letters through his friends, not by himself, through his friends, to say that he liked me and wanted to come over and talk.


“He was very shy. He was a shy guy… He had a seriousness, but it was one that you could see was reaching out for love.”

Meet Late Bob Marley 's Wife - Alpharita ‘Rita’ Anderson
Meet Late Bob Marley ‘s Wife – Alpharita ‘Rita’ Anderson

They were married until Bob’s death in 1981 aged just 36, according to Express UK, but their marriage was full of infidelities on both sides.



Together they had three children: Cedella (born August 1967); David, known as Ziggy (born October 1968); and Stephen (born April 1972.)


Bob’s mother Cedella claimed Stephanie Marley, their fourth child together, was born to Rita with another man, however, they acknowledged her as Bob’s daughter as well.


Rita had a daughter, Sharon, from a previous relationship before she married Bob, and Sharon was adopted when the pair got married.


During their later marriage, around the time Bob was in a relationship with model Cindy Breakspeare, Rita had her fifth child, Serita, with another man.


Bob had many children outside of his marriage as well, with most of his children being born to other women.



Robbie (born May 1972) was born to Bob and Pat Williams, while Rohan was born just three days later to Bob and Janet Hunt.


Bob and Janet Bowen had Karen, born the following year, after which Bob and Lucy Pounder had Julian in 1975, and Ky-Mani was born to Bob and Anita Belnavis in 1976.

Meet Late Bob Marley 's Wife - Alpharita ‘Rita’ Anderson

Bob Marley died young after making a huge impact on the world of reggae, pioneering music around the world. He left a long legacy of 11 children.

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