Meet Woman Who Kissed King Charles Outside Buckingham Palace

King Charles III gently took kisses from people who had lined up outside Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of him and pay their respects to the late Queen.


As he made his way slowly to the front gates of the palace on Friday afternoon while speaking with the public, the new monarch received a warm welcome. One woman kissed King Charles’ outstretched hand as he made his way through the crowds


He exited his Bentley and proceeded through the crowd, stopping to shake hands and converse with those who had waited all morning for his arrival.


Janny Assiminios was so overtaken with emotion that she leaned out and kissed the King on the cheek after grabbing his face.


Although the deed could be deemed a breach of royal protocol, Prince Charles was kind and appeared to thank her in the moment.


Ms. Assiminios later said to CNN that prior to planting a peck on the King’s cheek, she asked his permission.

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Meet Woman Kissed King Charles Outside Buckingham Palace
Meet Woman Kissed King Charles Outside Buckingham Palace

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw him in front of me,” she stated with a grin after the kiss.


‘I whispered to him, “may I kiss you? The woman reached out to grab King Charles moments before the kiss, to which he replied, “Well, yes,” so I grabbed him… I am ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic that I got to see and kiss him.


The King’s emotions intensified as the audience sang “God Save The King.”

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As King Charles made his way through the masses, one woman kissed his outstretched hand.


King Charles III and the Queen observe tributes left in front of Buckingham Palace.


Thousands of mourners and well-wishers gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to the late Queen and catch a peek of the new King.


As the Royal Standard was raised over Buckingham Palace for the first time in his reign, an impromptu version of the national anthem erupted amid poignant emotions. Ms Assiminios was excited to meet the King and to have such a close interaction with him.

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He made an attempt to speak to as many individuals in the audience as possible and accepted a solitary rose from one of the numerous attendees who had brought flowers.


He spent a total of 12 minutes with the public in front of the royal gates.


New York-born film director Raynald Leconte, 47, claimed he was fortunate enough to talk with the King and Queen Consort outside Buckingham Palace.


“It was quite an occasion,” he remarked. ‘I said, “condolences”. He stated, “really, truly, thank you very much” I wished his wife good luck, and she said, “Thank you very much.” I believe she said, “I’ll need it.”


Well-wishers lined the streets to greet Charles, who was warmly greeted by them.


Ammar Al-Baldawi, 64, a retired man from Hertfordshire, said: ‘It was impressive, moving, and a smart move to come out to the public.’


I believe this is where the royal family must now connect with the public. These are true loyalists, and it’s reassuring to have him back in charge of the royal family and the crown.’


Assiminios, who is from Cypus, told CNN she’s a huge fan of Great Britain’s most famous family.

Meet Woman Kissed King Charles Outside Buckingham Palace

“I love the Royal Family,” she said. “Always I am watching them, buying souvenirs from [when] they are small babies to growing up.”


“He looked sad,” Assiminios told CNN of seeing him outside the palace gates. “I said, ‘sorry for your loss.'”


The royal super fan said her late husband had a connection to King Charles’ father, Prince Philip, who died April 9, 2021, at 99.


“My late husband was from Greece,” she said, “and Prince Phillip was from Greece.”


Of the mood in the crowd outside Queen Elizabeth’s London home, Assiminios said people were “happy” for their new king even as they mourn the passing of a beloved monarch.


“He’s lovely. He’s perfect,” she said. “I’m always liking him.”

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