Meet Yabatech’s Youngest Mentor – Elizabeth Oladele Oluwaseyi

Meet Yabatech’s youngest mentor, Elizabeth Oladele Oluwaseyi.

Elizabeth Oladele is an ND3 Student of Mass Communication who goes by nick name “Olizzy” or “Mentor Elizabeth.”

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In March (10th) 2018, Elizabeth created a platform called Brainy Mentorship Academy – a platform established for academic excellence and personal growth. She started with focus on student environment, with aim to “help them become better,” “to help them to be their best version and  “to further enhance studying and become brighter”.

Later after March 2018, Olizzy tries expanding her helping reach by creating multiple Whatsapp groups with multiple-educating and mind exercising activities. Though the first group started with just 7 people, it has, as expected, over 100 active persons learning from her.

Activities done on this groups are on lighter notes:
– Uploading of lecture notes for the sake of those absent in class.
– Update on assignments, tests and any other relevant info.
– Revision on tests and examinations.
– Discussing on other relevant issues that of importance to personal growth and development.

With vision which is “to help students build good study habits,” “improve grades” and “to motivate students to succeed,” the BMA hopes to achieve these –

– provide clarification on assignments.
– aid preparation for tests and examinations.
– help with difficult topics in different courses.
– help students boost their mental ability.

Miss Elizabeth is one interesting personality to fix gaze on. Her best line is “One can never tell how much I can offer until one is opportune to get involve in one or two things with me. I am humble and interesting being.”

I love humanity and I do lots of social work. I also like writing.

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Link up with Elizabeth if your mission and dream tallys. This will help her gain more experience and most likely grow your dream.
Twitter: @OladeleElizabe7
Instagram: @oladeleelizabeth29

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