Men react as Bovi reveals Bro Code via Comedy Skit(Video).

Many men have reacted negatively to Bovi’s release of Bro Code via a recent comedy skit on Thursday, 19th September.

The Nigerian renowned comedian who thought he was being funny, impressing women, ended up revealing one of the basic things that keeps real married men together.

In the comedy, Bovi and his acting wife decided to call his friend on his location, in which his friend of course to protect him told his wife that he is working towards him as they speak. Seconds after he immediately called Bovi of his whereabout and to let him know his wife has called.

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In a society we now live in, with large number of married women who look for every opportunity to be free, “this might increase the number of divorce,” as some may take this protective lie to the next level.

See some of the comments below:


Bovi….TheRealFakeGuy, make im change e IG & Twitter handle to d above . Bovi abeg wetin u gain? …dey mumu ur guys on top joke, come still post so dat d world go give u standing ovation abi!? Yeye! Mtcheeew! …🚶🚶🚶



Bovi Just exposed a bro code in that new video prank with his wife.

For this… On behalf of all brotherhood. Bovi is been excluded from the hood. 🔥


Bovi has revealed crucial Bro code secrets and has therefore been declared Ex-Communicado.
No Bro code services will ever be given to him again. He will no longer be welcome to The Bro code Continental grounds.
This take effects immediately.


How many couples can try this shit Bovi and wife just did here?

Try it if your relationship will survive the next second.

Bovi na strange man las las 😂😂😂


Bovi The Comedian and other married men needs to take their time, you can’t be revealing sensitive Bro-Code information to women because you’ve attained legendary status in the game and now retired.

Stop blowing our covers, we still use these codes else we court-marshal una.

Sir, with due respect as a legend in the game, you’re putting the mental health of active field agents at risk by blowing their cover.

Exactly my point,The guy Dey open our Yanah already..


I wanted to share this tweet to my babe.. But las Las I called myself back to order.. 😂 😂 ✌


How many couples can try this shit Bovi and wife just did here?

Try it if your relationship will survive the next second.

Bovi na strange man las las 😂😂😂


Re: Bovi’s Prank

I know we credit Mohammed for holding the forte down for his friend , are we not going to give him extra points for not hinting any escapade while reporting the situation to Bovi??… like some guys would have gone ‘which babe you dey with’ or something close


The bad thing with this tho is that whenever she starts suspecting Bovi of cheating, she definitely knows which friend not to call.


I was somehow hoping the guy wouldn’t say anything that would put Bovi in trouble lol. This is normal guy instincts tho, you cant misyarn & put your G in trouble💪


Bovi fucked up!! Declare Bovi Excommunicado.


Bovi’s friend, and other Association of Loyal Friends members, should sue Bovi for flouting the Bro Code.


Watch Video:

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