Mercy Eke: Why I Speak With Accent like Cristiano Ronaldo

Mercy Eke, has opened up about her childhood experiences and the reason for her Igbo accent.


She has frequently been criticised and mocked over the interference of the Igbo language in her speech.


In a recent interview with media personality Taymesan, Mercy Eke said she was born in Owerri and had all her education in the State.


According to the reality TV star, the National Youth Service Corps was the first thing that took her out of the State.


While questioning critics about how they want her to speak, Mercy Eke said she’s confident about her speech adding that there are top celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo who also speak with an accent.


In her words: “I was born in Owerri. I did everything in Owerri. In fact, I left Owerri in 2016. I’m the last child. I schooled in Owerri; with the help of my mum. I finished school. I did what I had to do. I left Owerri in 2016.”

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“I’m saying this because some people really don’t know. When they talk about my accent, Igbo accent, I look at them and say, ‘how do you want me to speak?”


“I schooled in Owerri, primary and secondary. It was only the National Youth Service that made me leave Owerri. How do they expect me to speak?” This is me. I’m confident. This is me. I’ve seen and met a lot of people. And most of the top people in the world, like Cristiano Ronaldo, how does he speak? With an accent or in his language. And he’s the world’s most famous. People adore him.”

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One thought on “Mercy Eke: Why I Speak With Accent like Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Be proud of your Igbo identity. Stay confident my sister. The “wanna be” people who disguise their accents are suffering from self hate.

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