For long, youths were being recruited by mischievous politicians to disrupt elections for their selfish interests. We are being used as thugs and made to fight each other.


During elections, we are engaged in various forms of crimes ranging from ballot box snatching, tampering with election results, disrupting election process among others.


When Governor Godwin Obaseki came, he changed the narratives he also engaged the youths into his cabinets and allows the youths to participate fully in his government.

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What about the women? He made us to understand that the women can do those things men can do. Governor Godwin Obaseki ensure that the women were given 35% appointments in his Government.


Therefore, let’s tell ourselves the truth and start behaving like the ambassadors of today and leaders of tomorrow.

The youngest Speaker in Nigeria today is the Speaker of Edo State House Of Assembly Rt Hon Marcus Onobun.

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The immediate past Chief of Staff to Governor Godwin Obaseki was 36yrs when he was appointed, what about the present Chief of Staff, Hon Toni Osaigbovo Iyoha. He is another youthful and useful digital Youth.


We should not continue to give to give all these politicians the chance to destroy our future and build theirs while also sending their children abroad.


I want to use this opportunity to tell the youths that our destiny is in our hands. We are capable of changing the narrative the way we want it and we should always remember, youths are the backbone of every society.
Let’s support the Governor for a Better Edo State.

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My name is Victor Oyakhilome aka Vicky Larg, am writing ✍ from Edo State.

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