MFM, Springfield, Virginia Choir release first Music Single titled VICTORY | @MFMVaspringfield

The Church Choir of Mountain of Fire and Miracle ministries, [Springfield, Virginia] is excited to announce the release of “VICTORY” a single off its first album “Holy Spirit”.

The Mountain of Virginia choir is a choir comprised of individuals both young and old with a common mission to lift up the name of the Most High.

Holy Spirit is an album inspired the Holy Spirit himself through the Teachings of the General overseer Dr. D.K. Olukoya and our Pastor, Anthony Akerele.

The album comprises of several genres and a fusion of genres.  Notable tracks on the album are Holy Spirit, Victory, Son of God, Timeless God, Zion and the Medlies.

The album Holy Spirit is mountain of fire and miracle ministries, Springfield virgina choir first project. This melodic project and music is to ignite the fire of true praise and worship in the believer.

The album offers a flawless combination of religious concepts expressed in vocals and put together in a very powerful arrangement and production. The album Holy Spirit loudly proclaims themes of the Holy Spirit as the only source of inspiration and expectation and to confirm that the Holy Spirit indwells infills by taking his place in the soul of the worshipper.

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The style of recording is to provide the listener that inviting experience and to enable the worshipper position himself/herself for the Holy Spirit to indwell and infill.

The album Holy Spirit is not just another gospel music but it is a medium design to provoke the listener into the thought of true worship and invite the Holy Spirit. The track, holyspirit come down, come down and take your place is an art of prayer and an honest communication between the listener and the Holy Spirit. The album Holy Spirit carries an energy that will overshadow the worshipper singing along and bring the worshipper into the divine presence.

Listen/Download to “Victory” Off the “HOLY SPIRIT” Album. 


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