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Midem 2018: Davido links Music Culture and Food

Midem 2018: Davido links Music Culture and Food
Following the last Midem African Forum 2018, featured was one of Nigeria’s wealthy artiste who is also controversial and always pull trend with the slightest post.
With the come and gone of all his show, especially the 30Billion concert which was first held in Lagos-Nigeria and then taken worldwide, entrepreneurs have now turned their gaze to Davido.
Midem 2018: Davido links Music Culture and Food
Midem 2018: Davido links Music Culture and Food
David Adeleke have started attracting serious minded business persons, as they have seen a gold mine in him. Coupled with fact that his father is Adeleke, wonder is, will David really be richer than his father and whats his business secret that makes him thick. Its not just the music…what is it?
He music when he was 11 and started making money at  the age of 16-17. He started doing American music in Atlanta but it didn’t work. When he came down to Nigeria after school, his parent sent him to the village to continue school but he already dropped a song which was doing well in clubs.



On what is drawing people to African music, food and fashion, David says its a cycle.
“The whole envelop is like a cycle and when you have a cycle its very hard to be stopped,” he said.
Davido talks about how he had to ignore his fathers wealth and work hard to earn his own money. He tells the public to ignore the fact of no money and work for it.

“I am not gonna lie I’m from the street… People felt I had a upper hand, so I had to  work extra hard…”


And to prove and get out of the shadow of being from a wealthy family, “My music had to be exceptionally good”
If his father is now in support of his music, “I was hiding music from my father for so long…” “But he doesn’t have to be supportive financially ‘cos I’m good now”.


Davido who sells millions of units on every sound released and 800 thousand units on the African Continent alone most parents now encourage their children in music career.
On why and how Davido dealt with Sony, “They had to learn”. They wanted him to do records he didn’t like and EP which did’t work. He left for Lagos and made it bigger with “If”.



The movie Black Pantha, which is one of the biggest thing to happen to the African Culture also got comment from Davido, he compares it to his first track “Dami Duro”, saying its a life thing and its original.

The American Market is going for me


Davido is currently working on more music schools across Africa, just like the one in Gabon, which is world class.


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