Min. Kayode Fatoyinbo: Spiritual reasons for the world’s crisis

Min. Kayode Fatoyinbo: Spiritual reasons for the world's crisis

Minister Kayode Fatoyinbo: Take time to read Exodus chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12, and 13.


Below is a well structured reason for why most things happening should not be a means of worry to Christians by Minister Kayode Fatoyinbo.


“Man was designed to live by revelation and not  just by information men; who live by information suffers what ordinary men suffers but men who live by revelation live above the predicament and hardship that plague other men because revelation is a superior information that is gotten from above (God), which has the power to make you live above the predicament facing the world while information is a fact or knowledge received from the earthly realm which has limitations therefore to live triumphantly above this present predicament that the world is facing you will need wait on God to receive a word from him.” ~Fatoyinbo Kayode.

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Min. Kayode Fatoyinbo: Spiritual reasons for the world's crisis
Kayode Fatoyinbo

Fear not… This too shall pass away.

If you have read chapters 1 to 13 of Exodus well you will discover somethings about the nature and character of God and why God does what ever he does especially is intentions in allowing plagues upon the earth.


Let me share some truth with you about God with respect to the world.


1)The earth is the Lord and it’s fullness, the world and they that dwell in it. That is God owns this earth and everything including man in it, Psm24:1


2)God loves the world, Jhn3:16.


3)God always desires that the world be filled with his knowledge and his saving power: Isa11:9 & Hab2:14


4) God rules in the affairs of this world.

Because of the truth above about God he allows some unpalatable consequences of man’s action to happen especially to get the attention of man to himself.


You will notice in the story of Exodus that you read that God allowed those plagues because of the following:


1)He wanted to humble pharaoh and also make him known that he is God

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2)He chose pharaoh because he was the most powerful king at that time and the whole world was under.


3)God wanted to get the attention of the world to himself and the way to do that is to deal with the most powerful king whom all other Kings rever and highly esteem


4)God allowed the plagues because he wanted to show his power and make the whole world aware of him. Exo9:16


5)The plagues are not meant for the destruction of his children but for their elevation


6)when things of this nature happens the intention of God is to make a clear distinction between is people those that knows and serve him and the people of the world. Exo8:23 & Exo9:4-7


7) As those plagues were ravaging the Egyptians it never got to Goshen where the Israelites were resident. Exo9:26, Exo10:23, Exo11:7.


8) The Lord makes a mokery of every individual of Nation who does not fear him or does his biddings, Exo10:2


9) In the midst of this plagues God told the children of Israel to ask the Egyptians for articles of gold and silver and he caused the people who were under plague to favour the Israelites. Exo9 11:2-3.


10) God does this to execute judgement against the gods of the land.Exo12:12


11) Finally the destruction of the Egyptian was what led to the deliverance of the Isrealites, it also led to the enrichment or wealth of the Isrealites. Exo12:36, 37.


In conclusion what is happening around the world is not for your destruction and you need to be properly positioned because God is shaking the powers and systems of the world and he wants to hand over power, wealth and position to his children.


After these all plagues; power will change hand, wealth will change hand and positions will also change hand.


Wait on God and tell him to speak to you on what to do to take advantage of these season.


Fatoyinbo Kayode O.

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