Just as MODECAI the insignificant Gateman was hated with ultra passion by the Prime Minister called HERMAN ,the same way NDIGBO were hated with Terrifying Scud hatred by most of the Nation in General but in LAGOS in Singular.


MODECAI was hated by HERMAN not for his Bad deed, but because he walk on the ways that pleases the Lord instead of the path HERMAN paved and want all to be toed.

Same way NDIGBO are hated even when they wanted out of the un-glorified Amalgamation that tied Fuel and Water and yet refused to be sieved of each other,so that it can be useful,but mixing them together makes both useless.

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“Aka na ebu agha, aka Onye Nwe Anyi na ebulum agha ” is a DINGE of Christian Band, but a Prayer Anthem.


HEMAN has the final say when it comes to Citizens of his Nation, his decision can’t be contested nor shrugged off, he is the JAGABAN of the Nation, who he says shall be blessed and who he cursed, woe betide the person,so it was until he ran into the Boat of MODECAI who happened to be rowing the Borrowed Boat leased from Mpa Nnukwu,well even as MODECAI wasn’t aware of the treacherous Crucifixion plotted against him by the POTENTATE of Doom,but Mpa Nnukwu whose eyes are protecting his property in the hands of MODECAI saw the conspiracy, knowing that MODECAI can’t escape the gallows if he did not intervene, so he brought inn the twist which only him can do, he yank sleep away from the King ,whose power supercede that of HERMAN the only one HERMAN dreads, he did not plan on discussing the plots of HERMAN with him or anybody,he simply played OKOCHA style of balling ,he manipulated the King into digging into the archives just to bring out the reward file of MODECAI, and he called the Prime MINISTER not to discuss MODECAI, but he coined it like a good Free Kick and ask what can be done to he who Pleases the King.


Well HERMAN thinking he is in the best positioned to get such and whatever reward, he enumerated how he HERMAN can be rewarded,just then the King introduced the case of MODECAI, and ask him to go and do it to Gateman whose Gallow he has erected.
Only God that snatch Victory from extreme loss.


Therefore,I bring the case of Ndigbo in LAGOS to replace the place of MODECAI and HERMAN, that Mpa Nnukwu should use same intervention used to uplift and exonerate MODECAI even though he never knew about the plots that would’ve taken his life the next day.


Any plan hatched against Ndigbo especially in LAGOS, even if the high and might have ran a conclusion on how to extinguish the Tribe for standing on the Lord’s side, let MPA NNUKWU who saw all conspiracies, who makes joke of plots step in and do what he does best, saving and exalting his own.


The JAGABAN of Battle Field, General GOLIATH the most Feared Man on the Philistines turf, like many others who think that POLITICALLY they are the ALPHA and ACUTE Omega,they decide who takes what and whose Turn it is ,making self god and taking the glory of Gods doings, but as General GOLIATH pounds the Turf while taunting the Israelites,God sent David who is not even a Soldier ,just as God is placing unknown Politician to debut to establish that the GENERAL first beating wasn’t a Mistake na aka Chukwu di ya.


God dethroned a King and can make a king to be Nebuchadnezzar,only on his word ,I pray as Last Born that He come to show them what He can do by making sure that the Head is off the shoulder of those who think they recreate the ordination of the ALMIGHTY.


Lastly, we residents in LAGOS, came to be because even our National pledges provides “Though tribes and Tongues may differ, in brotherhood we stand “.
It also said One Nation One Destiny and the best is that we are drawn in God’s program and if you refuse to allow us the liberty of enjoying Peace of mind ,then just remember that Pharaoh was so stiff-necked but by the time God OPENED his chapter,isi ya Pe ezigbote mpe.


Mazi Odera POg JP

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