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Money Heist star, Miguel Herrán writes farewell messages to fans 

Money Heist star, Miguel Herrán writes farewell messages to fans 

Miguel Herrán — International streaming hit Money Heist will soon bring the story to a devastating conclusion with new episodes expected to hit Netflix by the end of the year.


As filming for season five starts to wind down, Miguel Herrán has taken to Instagram with a heartfelt message for his character for the past five years, Rio.


Miguel Herrán’s latest social media post has confirmed filming for the fifth season of Money Heist is finally coming to an end.

Money Heist star, Miguel Herrán writes farewell messages to fans 
Money Heist star, Miguel Herrán writes farewell messages to fans

Each member of the cast seems to have started finishing their final scenes for the climactic instalment of the Spanish thriller.



The Rio star’s new update was preceded by Pedro Alonso’s similar post on April 12, confirming he had finished shooting his last scenes as Berlin.


As production for the wildly successful series starts to come to an end, the cast are just as reluctant to say farewell to their characters as Money Heist’s legion of fans.


Herrán’s latest update revealed a selfie of the actor driving away from the set looking tearful as his five year stint as Rio comes to an end.


He captioned the new snap (translated from Spanish): “Rio… It has been an incredible journey with you.


“Today we close a stage together. And I can only tell you two things. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!”


The Spanish star, who turned 25 last Sunday, landed his first main role in a major television project when he was cast as Rio for the first season of Money Heist.



He also received well wishes from his Money Heist co-stars, Pedro Alonso, Jaime Lorente, Álvaro Morte and others.


While Herrán’s recent departure from the set seems to indicate production is winding down, others have suggested his early exit could have worrying implications.


Another viewer speculated on Reddit: “Yup Rio is definitely dead. Finger on the head. I see that as a subliminal message.”


And a third fan theorised: “Álvaro commented ‘thanks my dear Rio’, could Rio sacrifice himself or turn himself in to save someone?”


The star’s earlier posts have already sent up red flags for Rio’s demise, with Herrán appearing bloodied and bruised in a shirtless selfie posted back in March.



Fans are already fuming after the unjust killing of series favourite Nairboi (Alba Flores) at the end of season four.


Meanwhile, comments from Money Heist creator Álex Pina indicate subscribers may have to wait until September to find out which members of the Professor’s team make it out alive.

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