Moscow shares details of high-precision strikes on Ukrainian Military

Russia has conducted high-precision strikes on Ukrainian military facilities in two locations, the Defense Ministry said on Sunday, adding that all designated targets had been hit.


The ministry said in a statement that long-range air and sea-based weapons were fired at areas near the city of Ternopol in Western Ukraine, and the village of Petropavlovka in Dnepropetrovsk Region in the country’s southeast. The strikes targeted both areas of troop deployment and depots containing ammunition, weapons, and military equipment Kiev had received from the West, it added.


Earlier in the day, several Ukrainian officials in Ternopol claimed that the city had come under a missile bombardment. The mayor, Sergey Nadal, said that the strikes hit several warehouses, adding that two people were injured. Later, he claimed that an unspecified number of civilian buildings and cars were damaged in the explosions.

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Vladimir Trush, who is in charge of the local administration, released pictures of Ukrainian firemen putting out a blaze in a place resembling an industrial area. He said the fire was caused by a Russian attack.


In the early hours of Sunday, air raid warnings were issued across Ukraine, with local media reporting blasts in the cities of Kiev and Kharkov, as well as in Sumy Region, and several other locations.

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