Greater Nigeria Movement
President Buhari just made history by signing the not-too-young-to-run bill into law, amidst cheers from Nigerian youths.
While many youths and myself are celebrating this feat, deep down within me, the excitement is with mix feelings.

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According  to the Electoral Act the nomination form  for Presidential is N10 million, Gubernatorial N5 million, Senate N2 million and House of Representatives N1 Million, State Houses of Assembly, Local Government Chairmen and Councillors will pay N500,000; N250,000, and N150,000, respectively.
With the above figures then it becomes a tall dream for the ordinary man to be able to compete with money bags, godfatherism etc.
Consequently, Greater Nigeria Movement, a youthful civil society catalyt group propose as follows for the cost of nomination forms; Presidential N300,000, Gubernatorial  N200,000, Senate N100,000, Rep N70,000, House oAssembly N50,000, Local Government Chairman N40,000, Councillor N20,000.
Putting into consideration other subtle expenses which comes as part of electioneering, there is the urgent need for the National Assembly to review the existing electoral laws so as to encourage credible and an all inclusive political participation.

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Until the cost of nomination forms is significantly reduced to what an average service oriented Nigerian can afford, then Nigeria may still be on a long road towards a people oriented government.
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A Greater Nigeria is possible
Patriot Olamilekan Ojo Martins ANIPR
Chattered PR Practitioner, Socio-Act, Youth Catalyst, Multimedia Consult
Greater Nigeria Initiative Lagos.
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