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MPJ DONBALE bags 2021 EDISA Award

MPJ DONBALE bags 2021 EDISA Award
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Sensational Nigeria music artiste, Marvis Ojo Osagie, better known as Mpj Donbale, has Earned himself an award as the Best Collaboration song of the year 2021 at the just included South – South Edo/Delta EDISA Award 2021.
Mpj Donbale noted that he is in the industry to contribute his own little quota in terms of the quality of sound, and he also narrated that the award came as a surprise, and he gives God Almighty the honor and also thanked the organizer.


Donbale has taken the entertainment industry to another level since his first hit “IYESOGIE”.

MPJ DONBALE bags 2021 EDISA Award

He is currently based at France and also he is a, native of Orado in Edo state of Nigeria.


The singer’s music journey, according to him, started at a tender age that many venture into music because of the apparent attendant flamboyant lifestyle, Mpj Donbale says it was passion, not pecuniary incentives that drew him to music.

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