Mr. Hope Uzodimma is a well rounded failure.

Mr. Hope Uzodimma is a well rounded failure.

Mr. Hope Uzodimma is a well rounded failure: Obierika, Okonkwo’s best friend in Umuofia in the novel of my mentor and personal idol – Prof. Chinua Achebe; Things Fall Apart, is often seen by Okonkwo as a fearful and a coward but something happened in Umuofia that made Obierika to prove Okonkwo wrong: he muttered the courage for the first time in his life and reprimanded the the white man.


The white men then were seen as demigods, always unchallenged in most of their atrocious deeds to Umuofians and just like happy slaves so in love with their chains – they saw no evil and of course, said none.
An event liberated the courage of Obierika that made him to talk against their slave master for the first time in his life in Umuofia; Okonkwo hung himself to death in protestations to the unfairness and injustice with which the white man treated his people and that was what emboldened Obierika, and of course, other people of Umuofia.
Obierika summoned his first courage to talk against the white men in Umuofia – according to one review account of the classic novel, the reviewer noted that Obierika’s words were ‘choked’ and he barely muttered that Okonkwo was one of the greatest man of Umuofia and by the acts of injustice of the white man.. They drove him to kill himself.


He bore an eloquent testimony of Okonkwo that couldn’t have been possible because of the presence of the feared white men, but he dared.


In Imo state, since the inception of the Supreme Court imposed regime of Mr. Hope Uzodimma, it was as if there are no longer ‘men’ in Imo, apparently, there were happy slaves who were so in love with their chains that they even make excuses for the Supreme Court Governor for his gross ineptitude in the administration of the state.
By the protestations of Okonkwo, the people of Umuofia for the first time in their life got emboldened that they talked against their slave masters….so was also the case of Imo.


When I accepted to go the way of the Golgotha, our people who were hittetho in love with their slavish chains got emboldened and revolted against the Mr. Uzodimma APC led regime by challenging the anti people policies of the regime and started asking critical questions of good governance.


The truth of the matter is that Mr. Hope Uzodimma wants a one party state where he is allowed to function as a sole administrator nay a despot. He wants a state where no one questions his incompetency and gross manifestation of administrative recklessness, bad governance and maladministration.


Fact is, Mr. Hope Uzodimma is a well rounded failure. You may call him a capital failure if you are not too lenient with expressive words, and that is why he doesn’t want opposition because he doesn’t want those who will expose his gross inadequacies.


He either cajoles you into their headless camp of happy slaves with financial inducement or try to use state power to blackmail you to silence and that was exactly what happened in my own case. They have come severally requesting that I join them in their slave camp, they asked me to name my price – infact they used one prominent chief from my place, he promised to take me to the Supreme Court Governor and asked me to name whatever my party, the PDP, are paying me and they will pay me in their slave camp times 10 of whatever renumeration I do receive in the PDP and when all these inducements were not turning in their expected results, they activated their plan B which is using state power to silence me.


First, they went to the commissioner of Police in Owerri and the gentleman, a man of integrity, told them off that his office could not decend to the lows of being used by politicians to undo their fellow politicians. The commissioner of Police was very clear in telling them that his office can not be used to achieve political persecution and off they went to the DSS and found favour in the tables of that notorious woman.


In the DSS in Imo state command, the Director General is known in the command as the ‘madam of the Command’ and that points out to her level of notoriety and in no small way explained why she accepted the briefs from the Supreme Court Governor of Imo state to persecute fellow politicians in arbitrary use of state power to pursue political vendetta, cow voices of dissents and intimidate opposing views. The woman threw caution to the gutters and desecrated her office and descended to the lowness of making it a political witch-hunting tool where politicians use same to intimidate, harass, subdue and persecute their political opponents.
The DSS, Imo State command, as a lawless organization, the ‘madam of the command’ made her office available for the Hope Uzodimma led APC regime as a political witch-hunting tool to intimidate and persecute fellow politicians in apparent display of tyranny and raw naked power akim to the days of military dictatorship.


On that fateful Thursday, I went to the SSS (I was accompanied by my party chairman, Chief Sir. Martins Ejiogu) after receiving an invitation from one Mr. Chris Nwachukwu who identified himself as the Director of investigation of SSS and requested that I come to their command to answer some questions and off I went – as a responsible and law abiding citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and fearing not having any cockroaches in my cupboard, I went to answer officers of the law but with the express orders of the Madam of the command, that very innocuous visit which was supposed to be for questioning got me into being detained illegally for over 20 days with no access to neither my family, my lawyers, my party faithful nor friends. I was detained in perpetuaty according to the orders of the madam of the command in carrying out the hatchet jobs of Mr. Hope Uzodimma and his gangs of imposters.


Almost 30 days that Mr. Hope Uzodimma put me into illegal detention; they have accused me of many things including terrorism with no single charge. That shows how clueless and confused the regime of Mr. Hope Uzodimma is.


And laughably, for over this one month period I have been incarcerated and persecuted by the Supreme Court imposed regime in Imo State led by Mr. Hope Uzodimma, they have not been able to articulate one single charge against me in any court of competent jurisdiction. I have not even been charged for any crime not even in a Sharia Court.


That the whole office of the attorney general of the state – as broad and sophisticated the office is, and that of Department of Public Prosecution which is also another legal prosecutory branch of the state government and or, any other legal branch of the state government – none of them have been able to approach any court with charges against me. It is that shameful. There is no single charge against me.


Their plot for the repressive and reprehensive brutal orchestration against me was to cow, intimidate, silence and break me and to also use it in serving as dettarant to other voices of dissents that may be mounting as opposition to the failing regime but like Okonkwo, I gave in myself that many Obierika’s may arise to challenge this oppressive and anti people regime in saying capital NO to totalitarianism in our dear state.


The sole intention of the Supreme Court Governor of Imo State, Mr. Hope Uzodimma is, as a sore perpetual failure that he is, to either buy members of the opposition into his incompetent regime of looters and those refusing to bow to his Baal, he will use state powers and machinery to silence them so that there wouldn’t be any form of opposition against his anti people and unpopular regime but how terribly mistaken he was. He led a lie to himself.


The problem with Mr. Hope Uzodimma is that he wants to be the ruling government and still dictate to the opposition how they will hold their regime to account. The Supreme Court imposed Governor wants to be the ruling government and still plays the role of the opposition and that is not permissible in any democratic government.


Like my mentor and personal idol Chinua Achebe also said “Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am – and what I need – is something I have to find out myself”. The Supreme Court imposed regime can not teach the opposition how to carry out their constitutional duties of acting as watchdogs of the society and opposing unfavorable policies of the state government against the helpless citizens of the state but it is only the opposition that will know the best way it suit them to discharge their jobs creditably as opposition.


This is why it becomes a tall order and unrealizable and unrealistic dream for Mr. Hope Uzodimma and co travelers to muscle out the opposition in the state.


Even if there could be any state where the silencing of the opposition could be achieved; it is definitely not going to be a state like Imo where the overwhelming majority of the population are made up of politically active and enlightened people – They should be reminded of these unmistakable facts.


Moreso, it could not have even been achieved by not less a character like that of Mr. Hope Uzodimma who was a mere driver to Chief Moris Ibekwe. Uzodimma is too small, unintelligent, educationaly disadvantaged, very little in reckoning, etc to shutdown the opposition of a state as sophisticated as our dear Imo. The characters parading themselves as leaders of the state today in Imo were those Imo people chased out from the state in the 90s and what even made them to think that they can now muscle the people out? Bunch of jokers.


Uzodimma is still an amateur wannabe dictator who is learning the oppressive robes and has even fallen flat to his own failures, and this explains the reason he has fallen and failed even before they began against me.
This state routed out criminals, fraudsters like the characters in this regime today at a time and even stood vehemently against maximum dictators and maximum military rulers who ruled with iron fists and shots of gun talking less of a mere former driver who was imposed on the state by the Supreme Court who also could not win his own electoral ward.


With the persecution; I have been more emboldened to take on this regime like never before and I dare say that all I have written before now were just nothing. It is now, going forward, that the Supreme Court Governor will see the worst kind of me – if he thought that my critical stance against his regime has been daring, then, what will come ahead will be too fatal for his regime that it will be too devastating for them to handle, infact, it will be too devastating that it will chase them out of that government house. I have not even written anything and they are shivering like puppies whose mother dog refused to breastfeed, by the time I start, they will not only abscond from that seat, they will run away from the state.


My name is Ambrose Nwaogwugwu and I am unbreakable. Their incarceration was just a moulding process that will bring out the thorns and the best in me.


Thinking of harassing me with state security apparatus or otherwise to silence me is one of the greatest undoing the Supreme Court Governor has ever done all his whole life because if I’m given the opportunity to do what I have done that they are harassing me for, I will do it over and over and over again.


I have NO regrets whatsoever over the roles I have played that led to my incarceration by the Supreme Court Governor and the ones upcoming neither do I have any apology for anyone. I’m damn unapologetic and I dare the regime of Mr. Hope Uzodimma that they should expect the worst.


They accused me terrorism and all manner of absurdities. Ambrose Nwaogwugwu is not a terrorist as I have neither a stick nor any weapon of mass destruction but my PEN, everyone has always known me to be the true conscience of the state and I dare say that if I have ever committed any act of terrorism, it is a terrorism against injustice, it is a terrorism against oppression, it is a terrorism against non payment of workers salaries, it is a terrorism against bad governance, it is a definitely terrorism against non payment of dying pensioners of our aged parents who served the state in their days of prime.


In conclusion, I have to thank and appreciate all Imolite and even those who were not from our state who stood out for me in unrelenting solidarity and even those who were not too courageous enough to stand – I’m very grateful for your supports and maximum show of solidarity.


Special thanks and commendation to our great party – the largest and biggest democratic party in Africa – The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo state ably led by our indefatigable chairman – Chief Sir. Martins Ejiogu for standing solidly strong before, during and after the whole madness of the Supreme Court Governor.


Also, special thanks and recognition goes to all the media platforms in the state and the national media platforms who used their platforms in protestations against my illegal and unlawful detention and also to my fellow comrades on this platform, all the pro democracy activists who stood to be counted and even those who were on the side the emperor…. I thank and appreciate you all.


We will continue to advance the course of democratic engagementa in Imo State and will continue to asking critical questions of good governance and no amount of state sponsored persecution or blackmail can stop us.


Thank you all.


Ambrose Nwaogwugwu is the Director General of Imo PDP New Media, he wrote from Owerri, Imo State.

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