My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With My Caregiver – Lady Born Without Legs Cries Out

Eunice, a beautiful lady from Nairobi County, was born without legs, and she sadly shares her life story with her caregiver about how her boyfriend cheated on her.


Eunice’s mother decided to take her to her grandparents’ house after her father died so that they could care for her because she was not financially stable. She later started primary school and, according to her, she didn’t realize she was different from the other kids until she was in sixth grade.


She noticed that she couldn’t participate in some activities that her classmates could do, such as running. One of her classmates asked her why she didn’t have legs, and she says those words broke her heart. She returned home, sobbing, and informed her grandparents, who informed her that she had been blessed differently.


Life went on, despite her feelings, and she requested to be transferred from the school to one that has students with disabilities like her. She studied and later attended university, but finding work was difficult due to her condition.

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With My Caregiver – Lady Born Without Legs Cries Out

Her grandparents were getting old, and she felt like a burden to them, so she moved to her brother’s house. Because her brother was working, one of her relatives offered to come and assist her. She eventually met a man with whom she fell in love and began a relationship, and he used to visit her almost daily until the unthinkable happened.


When she returned home one day, he was cuddling with her caregiver on the couch. They were stunned when they saw her and pretended not to notice. Eunice describes the experience as “the most painful experience of my life because I loved him so much.” Later, the boyfriend left without explanation, and when she tried to contact him, he told her not to call his phone again and to delete all of his photos.

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She claims the caregiver was embarrassed and apologized. She was devastated, but she eventually forgave her. Life went on, but she claimed that because of her condition, it was difficult for her to find work. She is pleading with well-wishers to assist her in establishing a cosmetic business because that is her passion, as well as moving to her house because her brother is getting married soon and she does not want to be a burden to him.

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